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As the title says, this is a thread for website suggestions. As the council, we can come up with some ideas and suggestions. But in the end it are you who are using the website! (Of course we as well, but there aren't much of us!) So, why not come up with some good ideas and make this planet even cooler? There are a lot of clever and creative people on here, so why not brainstorm, share ideas and improve the website together? It's just like an 'idea box' really.
Some things I came up with earlier:
●A 'sent items' in the message system?
● What about multiple polls (and more regular updates (it would be much easier if more people would be able to update the poll...))?
● Tolkien related blog (write about things you experienced which had to do with Tolkien or which you could relate a story from Tolkien to. You just share those experiences in a thread)?
● Etcetera....!
Come on everybody, inspire each other! It can be technical suggestions (more polls) as well as suggestions about the website's content (ideas for a new poll). All are welcome.

There's one rule: You can speak your mind as long as you respect everybody and their opinions/ideas/suggestions!

Hello everyone,

I agree on the poll. it could definitely use more regular updates. Also, sharing your choice on twitter or facebook might be a nice addition.

I personally hate social-networking sites like Facebook with a burning passion. All the same, I understand that it would bring new people in to PT, and I think it is a good idea.

In terms of polls, yes! A new poll every two weeks or so would be so wonderful. Maybe we should start a thread for new forum topics/revive the old one.

Finally, there is that seemingly useless metal we have all been hoarding. I know it's been said a thousand times, but we need something to spend our Mithril on. I know Taz has been working on something for a long time now, I wonder when that will be finished. I can't think of anything to spend Mithril on right now, but I'll think about it and see if I can come up with something.

I completely agree with the poll idea. I love seeing and participating in polls.

I also would like to see something useful for the hoard of mithril I have seemingly collected over the years, it only looks pretty in one spot for so long.

Another thing I just realized that's more of a technical thing than anything else is accents. Whenever I want to write an accent I have to either use the option key (only seems to work on Macs) or open a new tab and find a website that types accents for me, then copy paste. Except a lot of the times I copy paste the computer crashes. So it would be nice if that bar at the top of the box I am typing this in that has everything else on it had a little button that let me add accents.

Still trying to figure out something to do with Mithril. Haven't had any good ideas yet but I am still thinking about it.

Something should be done about the paragraph problem when used on phones. I always end up with one big long paragraph. I purposely tried to make this into two separate paragraphs.

I know I've requested this before, but how about some nicer subjects for the artwork or photos [those that appear at the top of the page I mean] instead of all these dark, evil subjects? I realize copyright is a concern but we seem to have had mostly evil for years now.

Or at least some nicer subjects along with the evil guys?

Evil forums! What is that supposed to mean, galin!

Related to my long post about 'The Children of Húrin', could we have the book added as it's own forum into the section: 'Books' ?

That shall be my only request for now.

- Oerath.

@Oerath: Done!

Woah. Thank you, my lady. You're as awesome as ever. Smile Smilie

Now people, including me, can create threads there and discuss the book further and more easier than before. The Children of Húrin has plenty of interesting characters and events that are definitely worth of discussing too.

So, thank you once more, Arwen. That made my day.

The credit should go to Taz. He's the one who actually made it happen. I just told him about your post. Wink Smilie

Oh well, I sort of knew that would be the case, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't have thanked you too. Wink Smilie

But ey, Taz. Thank ya!

I do like the idea, very cool and something maybe that might attract more inhabitants for this website. Yes i would like to say Thankyou for Taz and all the council members, they are always there i found that one out.sad

If you might not of seen my comment on the lack of people working and helping me on the rpg War in the North, well it's just me right now, then this is were we can discuss these issues. Lord windsoul, i am thinking that if you wanted to, we can make a blast of the rpg, if you do not want to well, that's fine by me. Lady Undomiel, as the same with Windsoul, i now you are very busy with you real lives, but the same with me, i can only post now, like two times a week. I am not asking for a post everyday, but that would be extremely thoughtful of you. Only once a week and this forum will be hot once again. I have worked on this thing since Nov and it would be  a shame for it to go down.

@ Amras: I'll think about it. I'm still working on my first post in my own new 'tale' thread. Haven't put enough time into it, since I was supposed to finish it a week ago.

I know this isn't a proper suggestion or anything, but.. Here I go anyway.

If 'The Wanderer's Tavern' ever gets popular, could I be granted moderating rights for the thread. I know it's not a necessity, since I already moderate two threads, which I've been trying to keep alive. (Not going to give up on either one.)

So I am very thankful to you guys for letting me moderate those two threads. I love this site very much and I wish I would've stayed back in 2006, and I wish it wouldn't have taken me nearly four years to find my way back..

I regret those two things a lot. But ever since my return, a lot of good things have happened. I've evolved as a writer, as a person, I've become an active poetic contributor, I've been granted moderating rights to two threads and most of all, I've befriended many good people. This includes all members of the site. You're all good folk in my eyes.

This site, this forum, it's truly unlike any other. And I don't know have I told this before, but I've always felt very honored to be a part of the PT family.

Oh man, now it's all said then. Smile Smilie

I'll add you as soon as possible. But first I have to figure out why you aren't in the list of members I can add..... I'll get Taz working on it! lol

It was a bug, that was only showing members from the 2012-13. I have added Oerath as a mod.

Thank you very much, Taz. I'll keep gathering folk to the tavern, so that those rights won't go into waste. Smile Smilie

I am going to make a list of locations that could be added to this wonderful realm, starting now:

·         Minas Tirith
·         Dol Amroth
·         Pelagir
·         Westfold
·         Dale
·         Esgaroth
·         Fornost

Or we can just have some new polls: such as favorite character in the rotk that appeared only in there:




Ghan ghanburi


I told Taz about it. So, it'll be updated soon. Wink Smilie

Thankyou very much, to Arwen and Taz!  So a new poll would be very splendid. Again i say my thanksfrown

New polls... yes!

Yay!  I like the new poll!  My favorite is Ghan-buri-ghan, mostly just because I like the name.  I think I was the first one to vote, because Ghan got 100% results ;-)

Sorry that it took so long. :/

Way back in May ;-) Arwen said something about a "Sent Items" for the message system.  I think that's a great idea!  (And I would definitely use it!)  Because sometimes I can't remember what I sent people, or if I even sent it to them at all.  So I would love to see that feature on here!

And just one more thing.  I want to add a few people to my Buddy List :-D.  Don't know if anyone uses it anymore, but I think it would come in handy to know when my chat-friends come online.  But . . . I can't even find myself on the list.  Does anyone know what's up with it?

Could we get some more font tools? We've got the bold and italic, but I was thinking something to color the font too, an underline tool, and maybe something to change the size too. Basically the stuff that's in Microsoft Word. Sorry for the lack of tact ;-) I'm not very good at that.

I have specifically disabled font colors, as I want to keep the style of forum posts consistent. I have fixed the bug in the buddy list so you can now find all members logged-in during the last two years.

Recently the pony has stopped working very well. It occasionally will not open, and when I click on it it just does the green circle thing. Additionally, today it disappeared entirely and I could not even click on it. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

This has been resolved now.

Hey, Taz, slight probemo, just want to know why you banned me from the Pony, just to find out what i said. Please don't get wrathful just explain.

I think you've got the same problem curufinwe had.... I'll ask Taz

Hey Amras, I forgot to ask you, did the Pony just disappear for you? That happened to me two days ago, which was weird. Maybe both of us were banned accidentally/for a specific reason that isn't because one of us violated the ruled, but Taz was only aware that I was banned and so only unbanned me, thus leaving you banned and wondering why. 

Thankyou Curufinwe! Most helpful, actually, that just may sum the case right up. It had said that me, Amras had been banned from the Prancing Pony that moment? But soon, i am very busy at the moment, i will see if it reappears, thankyou very much!
Over the past days I gave been thinking hard on a new idea for forums and the "search. ’ Microphone sound would be excellent and useful, especially for me, because I never have enough time to post longer threads. This could be advantageous, but it would also have to be seriously perfected, because it would be hard for it to decipher Thuringwethil! Also it might just "slow up,’ and the don't forget punctuations, Curufinwe would be very angry. Hope you take this into consideration, Amras

I haven't banned anyone, not knowingly anyway!

It looked like the chat just wasn't working well but everything is fine again now. ;-) (For me at least...)

Online or not, that's the question!

Taz, the thing behind you username that say's you're online or not doesn't seem to be working anymore...again.

Amras has been online for a couple of days, 247, which doesn't seem correct to me.


Can you check it out?



Sometimes, if a person just closes the PT window but doesn't log out, the login status remains. Perhaps this is what has happened. 

Hi everyone,

This morning I increased the font-size across the whole website (still some bits to fix, like the homepage). When I started this website I was 16. I'm now 31 and my eyes do not work as well as they used to. I'm sorry if some of you don't like the new style; I have tried to make it both functional but not too obtrusive.

Anyway, if I ever get around to working on Two Trees, we will have a new design so in the big picture of things, I'm just going to continue to making small fixes on the existing website, unless I win the lottery etc. and then Two Trees is back on.

I've heard your cries about the messaging system, I'm going to investigate this morning and will report back this afternoon with a resolution.

Regarding the website chat at the bottom right of the screen, I received an email this morning from the provider saying that they're closing it down at the end of this month. This means I will need to find another chat program, so that's on my list too!

Oh right, yes. I'll also investigate online/offline too 

Is there gonne be a new chat? I miss it. Sad Smilie I haven't been much online lately (and I'm really sad to see others haven't been either)...but it's not the time to talk about that now. I hope to be able to get this site alive again....I miss you guys.

Everyone, the chat is now back. I have also fixed a bug with journals.

Thank you! Smile Smilie

Chat is looking good, Taz! You da man! 

Glorfindel said:

Something should be done about the paragraph problem when used on phones. I always end up with one big long paragraph. I purposely tried to make this into two separate paragraphs.

I don't think this is an easy thing to change. I can make a short list of useful html basics if anyone wants. Wink Smilie

This brings me to another thing: quoting!

I can use the quote button in the text editor. But it would be really useful if there would be a quote button next to the bottom/top of page button which links to the text editor with the text from that post quoted. 

I can't sent PMs when using my phone...... update of the message system? Okay..... that's maybe a little too much to ask. :$

PT currently isn't mobile friendly and I will address that with Two Trees. For now, I would appreciate suggestions on how the forum can be improved to encourage people to register and reply in old and new threads etc.

Taz, this isn't going to help people register or post, but could you force the https page (make a re-direct from to That would make it a lot easier to access the website securely and a lot harder for someone to hack. Wink Smilie