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Ross: For some reason the program expects you to vote before you log in; however, I was able to vote after I was logged in--maybe it was my administrative status that let me do that. I do know you only are supposed to be able to vote once per day.

RE: your Holliday Poll suggestion, we did a similar one covering only Middle-earth, but as yours covers all of Arda, I think you may some day see it used, probably not until next year though, as it would probably confuse the movie viewers who were not familiar with the Silmarillion. Happy Elf Smilie
I like the latest one though! Very Big Grin Smilie

Errmm let's see. If I'm not very original, please forgive me but I have this huge headache and I'm trying to think which would cost me a lot of energy without the headache anyway. Good Morning Smilie

If you were Frodo, what would you do first?

1) kick Gandalf really hard where it hurts for sending Bilbo on his adventure, thus creating the whole Ring story
2) kick Bilbo really hard where it hurts for finding the Ring in the first place and making you his heir
3) find a girl at last to clear all suspicions on the gay thing
4) get rid of Sam for the same reason as 3
5) write a book about your adventure and thus become rich
6) visit Mt Doom again to see if you really can't get your precioussss back
7) visit Mordor again to check if Sauron's really gone
8) call Peter Jackson to complain about your role in the trilogy (of course it's too small)
9) hire a secretary to answer all those fan letters for you
10) move from Hobbiton to Rivendell (where it's all nice and quiet now that Elrond's gone
11) stay at home nice and quietly for ever to just forget all about everything

Could only come up with 11. It's probably just dull anyway, but hey, I tried. Big Laugh Smilie
Yes Rednell, I felt Tommie's deserved something for her poll questions, but seeing all the other threads we had to wade through today, I reserved (limited) my words of praise to just the single smilie. Sorry to have troubled you unnecessarily. Got The Blues Smilie

And Tommie, just because their length is too long for the P-T poll, doesn't mean they aren't worth while, it just means we can't fit them into that venue. Smile Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie Bust-ed Grondy!

Yeah I thought they would be. Just thought I'd have a go. Orc Grinning Smilie
ROFL! It's a shame, I think it'd be a very popular poll too!
Meanwhile Allyssa still need some ideas for the next poll. We are nearing 500 votes on the current one, at which time the new one should replace it. Come on, all we need is 10-12 short worded nominees.

Something as simple as:
If you woke up in Middle-earth, of which race would you want to be?

1) Hobbit
2) Nazgul
3) Dwarf
4) Orc
5) Ent
6) Maiar
7) Elf
8) Warg
9) Eagle
10) Spider
11) Man
12) Uruk-hai

Used 17 February 2007
Thank you, Grondy. Big Smile Smilie
Which is your favourite Middle Earth battle?

1) The Battle of the Five Armies
2) The Battle of Azanulbizar
3) The Battle of Bywater
4) The Battle of the Hornburg (Helm's Deep)
5) The Great Battle
6) The Battle of Pelennor Fields
7) The Battles of the Fords of Isen
8) The Battle of the Last Allience
9) The Battle of Unnumbered Tears
10) The Fall of Gondolin
11) The Battle of Gladden Fields
12) The Battle of Sudden Flame [b ] *used this one, thank you Smile Smilie

Which is your favourite heroic combat?

1) Boromir vs Orcs at Amon Hen
2) Fingolfin vs Morgoth
3) Turin vs Glaurung
4) Hurin vs 70 Trolls
5) Huan vs Carcharoth
6) Aragorn vs 5 Nazgul at Weathertop
7) Gandalf vs Balrog in Moria
8) Gandalf vs Witch-king at gates of Minas Tirith
9) Eowyn vs Witch-king
10) Glorfindel vs Balrog at Gondolin
11) Dior vs Celegorm, Curufin & Caranthir
12) Isildur vs Sauron[b ] *used this one, thank you Smile Smilie

[Edited on 31/10/2002 by Allyssa]

[Edited on 22/11/2002 by Allyssa]
If you were going into battle, which famous weapon of middle earth would you most want to be armed with?

1) Narsil/Anduril
2) Sting
3) Glamdring
4) Ringil
5) Grond
6) Aeglos
7) Guthwine
8) Herugrim
9) Orcrist
10) Belthronding
11) A Morgul-knife
12) Anglachel/Gurthang

[Edited on 10/31/2002 by ProgHead777]
Which famed steed of Middle Earth would you choose as your own?

1) Shadowfax
2) Snowmane
3) Stybba
4) Bill the Pony
5) Hasufel
6) Arod
7) Roheryn
8) Fatty Lumpkin
9) Felarof
10) Asfaloth
11) Windfola
12) Nahar *used this one, thank you Smile Smilie

Much thanks to Grondmaster and Rednell for their superior horse sense! Er...knowledge of ME horse names that is...

[Edited on 10/31/2002 by ProgHead777]

[Edited on 2/3/2003 by Allyssa]
Wow! Lots more inspiration than I have! These are cool! I like Val's one that's up now. Orc Grinning Smilie

But this horse one is pretty cool too! Is it going to be up as well? Big Smile Smilie
Excellent ideas! How about best discussion or debate. I don't have them all in mind but Gandalf vs. Saruman is my favorite. Beleg vs. Turin is another good one. Morgoth and Hurin. etc. Smoke Smilie
How come you have to log off in order to take part in the polls?

If you could go on holiday any where in Arda were would you go?

1 Almaren
2 the gardens of Lorien
3 the woods of Orome
4 Tuna
5 Doraith
6 Menegroth
7 Rivendell
8 Lothlorien
9 Gondolin
10 Nargothrond
11 Lake Cuivienen
12 Alqualonde
Who would you like most to read the Lord of the Rings to you?

1) Professor Tolkien himself
2) Bilbo Baggins
3) Gandalf
4) Treebeard
5) Gollum
6) Arwen
7) Galadriel
8) Merry and Pippin
9) Gimli
10) Frodo Baggins
11) Saruman
12) Ugluk

Where would you like to spend Christmas?

1) Rivendell
2) Lothlorien
3) Fangorn Forest
4) Mines of Moria (Orc-free)
5) Bag End
6) Brandy Hall
7) House of Beorn
8) Minas Tirith
9) Golden Hall
10) Lake Town
11) Prancing Pony in Bree
12) Orthanc
*used this one, thank you Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 11/12/2002 by Allyssa]
Has anyone got a suggestion for a TTT movie Poll? (same format as above)
I have one Allyssa,

How would you most like to have the director executed?

1. hung drawn and quartered
2. hanged
3. beheaded
4. crusifixtion
5. eatern by gerbils
6. firing squad
7. put in a field and bombed
8. feed to a huge vat of squid
9. disembowlment
10. lethal injection
11. electric chair
12. feed to a dragon
Gee Ross,
As fun and interesting as this poll could be, I think we may have to pass on it. Moderator Smilie
Ahh please!
Oh, Ross. Shaking Head Smilie No, I am afraid that one won't do.

well, i am not tolkien, but i hope you can use them ALLY Wink Smilie , so what about.....

who would you like to meet, from the middle earth?...








h)ARWEN Big Smile Smilie

i)EOWYN Big Smile Smilie



l)luthien Big Smile Smilie

m)turin Thumbs Up Smilie

or, where would you like to spent a week in the middle earth?(could it be 2... Wink Smilie ,because i need vacations... Big Smile Smilie

a)the shire,(hobbiton),with bilbo

b)imladris,at elrond’s

c)lothlorien,with galadriel

d)gondor,with denethor

e)edoras,with eowyn

f)isengard,with saruman

g)minas morgul,angband’s sorcerer king

h)bree,with....(sorry forgot the fat guy’s name in english ...,but you know who i am speaking... Wink Smilie )

j)fangorn,with fangorn

k)helm’s deep,with theoden

l)barad-dur, you know who...

m)the old forest,with good old tom

if they are not good enough, well,just simply discard them Wink Smilie

[Edited on 12/1/2003 by THINGOL77]

[Edited on 12/1/2003 by THINGOL77]
Thanks, Thingol, but we have already done polls very simillar to those ones, unless we make it a "which actor would you like to meet?" poll.

I was kind of hoping for a TTT or ROTK suggestion. Anyone?
I've got one.

Where in Middle-Earth would you most like to have Peter Jackson tortured to death?

1. Barad-dur
2. Angbad
3. Utumno
4. Dol-guldur
5. Tol-in-gaurhoth
6. Cirith-ungol
7. Ered Gorgoroth
8. Minas-morgul
9. Angmar
10. Umbar
11. Moria
12. Hanging upside down wilst being tickled suspended above Mount Doom

Go on let me have this one at least!
Please please please please with a cherry on top!

[Edited on 12/1/2003 by Ross]
I suppose the ME equivalent would be Manwemas. Tongue Smilie
Look Around Smilie Hrmm. Poll's gone, hasn't it? lol Don't know for how long it's been gone, but it's the first time I actually noticed. Big Laugh Smilie
Hrmm. Poll's gone, hasn't it?
It should still be there at the bottom of your menu bar on the Homepage Tommie. It's still there for me.

Anyone else having problems finding/using it?
It is still ok, but only comes up on the homepage, if that's your problem Tommie.
I didn't see it either, but I do when I'm on the homepage.
Yes, the poll only shows up when you are on the Homepage. It has been that way for ages, maybe even longer. Happy Elf Smilie
rofl! Yes it's there now that you mention it. Big Laugh Smilie

Stupid, silly me! Shaking Head Smilie
The Council have been kicking around a few ideas for a new poll, based on a member suggestion. We could do with a little help with some additional responses though, if anyone has any.

Idea 1: Who is your favourite character left out of the movies? Tom Bombadil, Glorfindel, Lindir, Cirdan, E and E, Radagast...

Idea 2: Who is your fav. small role? Barliman, Hama, Theodred, Harry the Gatekeeper, Celeborn, the obviously deranged (j.k. Wink Smilie )drunk outside The Prancing Pony, the Minas Tirith Librarian...etc
What's your favourite track from the movie-cd's?

1. May it be
2. Gollum's song
3. Bridge of Khazad-dum
4. The riders of Rohan
5. The shadow of the past
6. The Uruk-hai
7. Flight to the ford
8. Helm's deep
9. A journey in the dark
10. The Hornburg
11. The breaking of the fellowship
12. Evenstar

As for additional responses:

idea 1: Goldberry, Deagol, Mablung and Damrod

idea 2: no further ideas really

But those are great ideas, very original ones! Thumbs Up Smilie
I like those ones too Allyssa, especially the first one.
I just posted Tommie's best CD track poll.

Thanks Tommie

Moderator Smilie (I moved Arcormacolind’va's C’rdan post to What is going to be like??? under The Return of the King.)

[Edited on 12/8/2003 by Grondmaster]
Who here at PT is least likely to have read any Tolkien books?

1) Sheryl Very Big Grin Smilie
2) Anyone else

(Sheryl have you read the books yet? We love you go ahead and tell us?) Wink Smilie
Hey, thanks Grondy! I'm just gonna go do my poll now. Tongue Smilie

That's a mean one, music. lol Very Big Grin Smilie
Which actor from the film do the women on PT swoon over the most?

1 Orlando Bloom
2 Orlando Bloom
3 Orlando Bloom
4 Orlando Bloom
5 Orlando Bloom
6 Orlando Bloom
7 Orlando Bloom
8 Orlando Bloom
9 Orlando Bloom
10 Orlando Bloom
11 Orlando Bloom
12 Orlando Bloom
Um, where is Gimli in this list? He's such a hottie.
Grondy thinks those polls are a tad bit slanted and as such are unusable. Who do you think you are? Gallop? Elk Grinning Smilie
ok fair enough point, so I've modified it

1 Orlando Bloom
2 Orlando Bloom
3 Orlando Bloom
4 Orlando Bloom
5 Orlando Bloom
6 Orlando Bloom
7 Orlando Bloom
8 Orlando Bloom
9 Orlando Bloom
10 Orlando Bloom
11 Orlando Bloom
12 All of the above
That's better? Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Now, if anyone has any constructive ideas for another good poll, please pass them on to Allyssa.

[Edited on 26/8/2003 by Grondmaster]
How about,

To you, what is the most important or significant theme/element in the Lord of the Rings?
1. Hope and endurance
2. Loyalty and devotion
3. Mercy and pity
4. Fate and the significance of choice
5. Friendship, compassion, and love
6. Hospitality and kindness
7. Resisting temptation
8. Redemption and sacrifice
9. Bravery and heroic deeds
10. Other

You could probably edit it a little to make it fit, if you choose to use it.
I like that , Arco. =)
that would be the most relevant poll ever!great idea.
I like Arco's suggestion very much and was going to put it up, but couldn't find the controls to change the poll, so have PM'ed Tarrant for help with this.
Cool Elf Smilie Arco's poll is now on the home page. Thanks Arco and Tarrant.
Great poll! Thumbs Up Smilie Hard one though, but still a great poll!
I have a suggestion for a new poll Grondy.

"Out of the following characters which one would you like to walk in his/her footsteps and accomplish their deeds?

Example: I would like to take the place of T’rin and become reknown for his mighty deeds! Too bad I couldn't skip that whole incest part of his life, but you're stuck with the whole nine yards for the character you choose.


I wanted to keep adding more characters but I realize there must be a limited amount of space for options to pick from. Maybe just change the Poll and make it 1st/2nd Age only? and have a decent selection of characters from 1st/2nd Age. Next time it can be changed to 3rd/LOTR Age characters. I dunno it's up to the Poll Master.
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