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I don`t think you can change the pic yet. I`m not sure. Wait for one of the councillers to reply or someone that knows for sure. They might be able to help you. Cool Smilie
Hi Moonstar. Nice name. Welcome to Planet Tolkien. I hope you have a great time here.
I also wanted to change the picture on the posted topics I've done.
The picture, or avatar as it's known, can be changed by going in My Account on the menu bar on the left. In there are several options, one of them being Change your Info. If you open that page, you will find about halfway down a selection of Avatars (you will have to scroll through them). Select the one you want from the 30 or so that are in there. Until you have made 50 posts you are limited to the 30 default pictures. Once you have 50 posts, you can ask Taz to manually input a picture of your choosing.

While you are in My Account, check out Website Help. It is a guide we created to help answer similar questions to this one.
I was wondering how I could email some of the artwork I've seen here to a friend
Try opening the picture you like, right click on it, and then select Email Picture.

Look forward to seeing you around.
Welcome to PT Moonstar. I love your name. There are lots of interesting things to do and things to learn. There is a Reading Discussion group covering the Silmarillion led by Val here in the forums. There is no set time to attend.

Rednell has a Tolkien discussion that is conducted in chat in #Bilbos-Study on Sundays.

Cano has a Quenya Languge class on Mondays also in #Bilbos-Study.

Allyssa has runs the Writer's Guild.

There is chat where you can meet lots of the members and so many other things to do.

In the Taverns there are threads where you can tell us more about yourself too and learn about us.

I am the birthday well wisher here so, please let me know when yours is.

I hope you enjoy Planet-Tolkien as much as the rest of us do. It has a lot of great information and the members are the best.
thank you, Sheryl, Valedhelgwath, and MelliotSandybanks for all your help. I'd love to sign up for all that stuff but I don't own my own computer, so I have to use my local library's computer's but I don't get to log on because my local library has cut down on it's hours due to budget cuts so I have no idea when I'll beable to use it and the library is closed on the weekend. Sad Smilie Sad Smilie
By the way Mel ( can I call you Mel), my birthday is on May 19th.
Thanks Again
- moonstar
Don't worry Moonstar, you don't have to sign up for anything! If you can just turn up, please do. Wink Smilie
Welcome to PT Moonstar! I hope you will enjoy it here, I look foward to seeing in the forums and chat. Big Smile Smilie
About the avatar thing, for some reason I can't change mine. I did what you said to do Val, and in my account it says it's changed but it's not changed in the forums. Elf Confused Smilie
I believe you have to change your avatar in two different places, just as you must do with your signature.

While in the forum, click on 'Profile' near the top of the page just above Board Index and change it there.

Also Click on My Account in the Menu at upper left and click on Change you information and change it there.
Thanks Grondy! As you can see, it worked. Big Smile Smilie
I have a question.
where can I find the complete story of Aragorn and Arwen. Is it in one book or several. Also I would like to know more about Celebrian.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

Thank You
I know there is a more complete story of Aragorn and Arwen in the appendix of LOTR. I think there are more places with bits and pieces of it else where, but I am not sure where. As for Celebrain, I am not sure at the moment. I do not have my books in front of me. I will try to look it up for you and let you know moonstar.


BTW you can call me Mellie or Mel, either one is fine by me. Plastic Squrrel calls me Melly so, it really does not matter.
Thanks Mellie I appreciate your help. I have read the appendix of the LOTR however, a friend told me that there was more to there story than that but wasn't sure where it was. I was also wondering how many daughter's Arwen and Aragorn had and what there names were.
I uploaded my profile a 100 times now and my signature still doesn't work.... Why? Sad Smilie
That's because the site is not complete yet and Tarrant has not activated the signatures. Noone has a signature at the moment, but we'll have them soon. (I hope)
Ok thanks, Smile Smilie you're responding pretty quik on my lousy quitions and threads Disturbed Smilie
I need an Avatar, having real trouble finding first a decent pic then resizing to 70x70 pix... am i stoopid or is there something in my waters?

And Asteroth, thanks for the site, but nothing there i really liked soz mate.

Got a good pic of isildur if i could just make it fit *squeezes it into a tiny-incey ball* Dammit 71x70.5 - SH*te!

Tongue Smilie
Send the picture to me mate, i'll see what i can do about it.
Um. I seem to have a problem with the journal. I can't add another entry. Is it just me?

Nope me too tommie!

Sad Smilie
Sorry, the journals are not working at the moment. Taz will get to the problem as soon as he can. Smile Smilie