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Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Mariesthril! I hope you enjoy yourself here.
When you post something, there should be a little box at the bottom that gives you options, such as Disable smileys and turn BBC code off. One of these options should be Use Signature. You can click that and it should post your signature.
The avatar thing is a mystery...unless you have over fifty posts you must pick your avatar from the ones listed in your account (go Change Options to view them). If you are trying to load a custom avatar, that may be why it's not working. Hope this helps.
Valedhelgwath has sent you a couple of e-mails concerning your PT account. Please reply to one of these so this situation can be sorted.
Thanks Big Smile Smilie
Thank you all kindly for the welcomes.
To Rednell: I already hit Val back about the whole thing and I apologize for the inconvienence.
To Everyone Else:I tried what you said and it never seems to work. I'll try again though. Thanks!!!
This is a trial to make sure all is well with everything. Thanks for the help everyone!!!
It seems to be working fine now. Big Smile Smilie
Hi Mariesthrill. Welcome to Planet Tolkien. I hope you have a great time here.

I'm afraid I was away over the weekend when you replied to my PM, so was unable to let the others on the Council know. Thanks for responding... No inconvenience to worry about Smile Smilie

Looking at your posts, you seem to have got the avatar and signature working now. If you have any other problems, we have a site guide in My Account which might be able to help you.
Hi Mariesthrill,
Welcome. I like your name and signature very much and I am glad everything is sorted out for you. Enjoy!
Welcome back Mellie! I know that you have been through some turbulent times lately and I hope you are feeling completely better now. You have been sorely missed. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Mariesthrill!!! I love your signature. I hope you really enjoy your time here at PT. It is a terrific place to learn about the Professor and his world, as well as make some wonderful friends.