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What are the mithril pieces good for we get on every "uniqe log in"?
Is it a part of some kind of game inside PT?
I want to now to.
Go to you 'Messages' page. It fully explanins them there.
Indeed Animated Wink Smilie
Hmmm.. on a completely different note (because I couldn't be stuffed to start a new thread for a question this stupid) where did the "The Quote Game" thread go in "The Ivy Bush" tavern? Did someone move it and not tell me? Where can I look for it? Am I just blind and can't see what is in front of me? Can other people see "The Quote Game" thread in there? I've really looked and can't find the stupid thing!

Very Sad Smilie .. I like playing quote trivia.. Very Sad Smilie

check the above thread, main forum index RPGs > Current Games

I'm moving all the RPGs in there.
Ah, thank you. Nice to know I'm not going crazy. Very Mad Smilie
I don't believe Grep said that, Mungo: he just told you where the thread is. ;-p "Aren't we all a litte crazy sometimes? I know I am."
Yeah, what Grep really meant was "I've moved the threads in the hope of driving you crazy.""
OR Grep gave him the wrong link and drove him even MORE crazy than before????? Wary Smilie Disturbed Smilie
Just open this Current Games link, or the one at the bottom of the forum to find the games missing from the Ivy Bush Tavern. Elf Winking Smilie