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Very Sad Smilie
What should i do ?
You get 20 pieces of Mithril every day you log in. So just wait and you'll get some more. Smile Smilie

What time does that feature go by anyway? GMT? I'm at GMT+1 and I haven't checked if the Mithril arrives at 12pm GMT (as that is 01.00 am for me), but it wasn't there at 11pm GMT. I was just wondring.
Juggling Smilie
The daily Mithril messages are sent out at 12 midnight GMT. Deal Smilie
Hi, I’ve stopped recieving Mithril, I’ve logged on couple of times and I always recieved Mithril, but now I don’t get it anymore... What’s wrong? Sad Smilie
You should recieve 20 pieces the first time you log on each day.
Don't get any here untill 4PM. Probably because of time zone thingys.
And if you are logged in when the clock strikes twelve midnight in London, the new Mithril message will show up in your list of messages. I also receive mine at 4 PM PST.
Seems to me I don't receive any. I logged in yesterday, got none, waited until today, and didn't find any there waiting for me, no message either. Funny, but true. No big deal. Animated Wink Smilie
I haven't had any since I joined. Sad Smilie
I haven't had any since I joined.

Maybe Taz has programmed in a begger class and those of you not receiving mithril will be it. Orc Grinning Smilie
I think maybe Taz has declared a bank holiday and turned off the spigot until we have something other than messageson which to spend Mithril.
I read on another thread that someone had the same problem but got mithril by logging on twice so I did the same and it worked for me too. Give it a go. Big Smile Smilie
That was me, I'm so clever! Or gready more like it, I wanted my Mithril! I still haven't quite excepted that I won't get the 20 Mithrill I missed beacuse I hadn't found out I should have logged on twice yet. *lol*
People from this part of the country are considered the scots of Norway. We never learn to swim because we never push things away, we only know how to throw out our arms and grab what we can (imagine reversed breast-strokes) and we end our deals with "Well I know there is no use in offering you money so.." ("Ja penga veit ej det ikkje e vits i ’ by dej" Wink Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Weird! I didn't receive any yesterday and I logged in at least twice, but today I received some on my second loggin and Its not yet 10 PM GMT. Sounds like something is out of whack ithe the algorithm.
I still don’t get any!!! I have logged on few times after I sent that letter and I still don’t get any Mithril! Sad Smilie Is there anything I can do to fix that???
Try logging in a couple of times in a row. Don't log of inbetween. Works for me. I get personal PMs, but the Mithril comes on the following log-in.
I havn't gotten any Mithril for quite a while now but I'll live. Smile Smilie
You need to actually "Login" each day, if you go to the website on a new day and you are already logged in, it won't give you Mithril. You would need to actually Logout and then Login again to recieve it. Doesn't matter what time of day it is.
Hey, it worked!!! Big Smile Smilie Thanks!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Gosh! It worked! Thanks!!! Big Smile Smilie
I ahven't gotten any either and my friend has gotten 312 pieces WHATS going on???

Well it seems your friend have followed the advice we have give people earlier in this thread (and in other threads). Read what is said above.

What is going on is that the site is new and have some problems. Poor newPT is still just a baby..

You upload a picture under "Edit profile". What you need to know to do so: Klick "Help" under "Your account" and you find it under "A" for "Avatar".

If you have picture you want to use but have no idea how to make it the right size, you can send it to me and I can fix it for you. My e-mail is: Smile Smilie
what does mithril do?
Please read the provided help document for this and most other questions you may have.
I'd like to know how Tarrant has enough Mithril each day to send out all those mithril messages......

Very Big Grin Smilie
It's why the poor lad's so hard up.
Every cloud has a silver lining......

I'd like to know how Tarrant has enough Mithril each day to send out all those mithril messages......
Tarrant has a corner on the mithril market; he owns the plates to make mithril certificates; the Bank of England doesn't care if he stamps out bogus mithril coins as long as the Queen's image doesn't grace them and they can't be exchanged for euros, or none or some of the above. Elf Winking Smilie
Hahahahahah! You poor sods have no mithril! And I'm rolling in it! I have T W O H U N D R E D A N D S E V E N T Y P I E C E S O F M I T H R I L , A N D Y O U D O N ' T H A V E A S I N G L E B I T!!!!!

Gee sorry guys, but I just had to say that. I know the feeling. I had no mithril and I was dying to send a message but i couldn't.
And I'm rolling in it! I have T W O H U N D R E D A N D S E V E N T Y P I E C E S O F M I T H R I L , A N D Y O U D O N ' T H A V E A S I N G L E B I T!!!!!

You poor thing, Loni. What have you been spending it all on? I've got ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY. Not enough to buy a balrog, but I'm working on it.

I'll get the balrog befoooor youuuuu! Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
I have 251! I am catching up with you, Amarie. Elf Winking Smilie
I'll get the balrog befoooor youuuuu!

That virus has got a lot to answer for...... Not only did it keep me off-line for two weeks, it cost me money Angry Elf Smilie
Very Evil Smilie Even I got 420 pieces, and I'm not online that often. I'll get there one day!

I'll get the balrog befoooor youuuuu!

Yeah but don't the council members have unlimited mithril?
I have thirty frikkin six... and its all Vee's fault!!!


Wink Smilie
I have 666 pieces of mithril. Does that mean i'll be banned?
ive got mithril everytime i looged in , so those who didnt get maybe you only came into the site but didnt log in..... to log in hit the keys icon and then submit your id and password , love, marsh.... my prob is no one to write to, plus i dont know how to get an avatar plus i forget where i posted my last addition to thread so i lose track....
Hey Asteroth,
Nope, council members get the same 20 pieces for logging in. I just forget to log in when I am checking the forum because I don't always need to post. So there are people out there with more than little old me. Sad Smilie
look under Avatar in the help menu. If you have problems resizing your avatar send it along to or