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Thread: i cant use the chat room

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After viewing this, I finally got into our chatroom via Internet Express and the Java Applet; however, as I can't read the green on green text I couldn't see when it warned me to enter my password or when new people came online.

Then I tried it via my Mozilla-Firebird browser, but when I loaded the Java plug-in and clicked on the plug-in symbol afterwards, it ignored me.

The best way for me is still iRMC with which I can ignore the P-T website and without using any browser can run iRMC from my desktop and then go to the chatroom. See: Can I connect to the Chat Room using a program? for our address and then join #Tolkien.
im havin the same problem as thehobbit, but im a bit simple so i dont really understand what your reply was advisin....why wont it work when i click on chat and type in a nickname?
Hi aminal,
Java has to be enabled on your computer in order for the chat link to work. If you are using a computer at a school, they often disable Java so students can't join chatrooms.
Check your IE properties and make sure Java is enabled. If so, you should be able to connect by clicking on the chat link.
Hey folks Smile Smilie

I'm on break now and finally have some time to stop by, but much to my dismay, I'm having problems with the chatroom, too. I've got Java enabled, things go the same as they always have, and I get logged in and all, but as soon as 'chikakat has entered the chatroom' comes up in the window, IE shuts down. (Not just the chat window, but every window I've got open.) Same happened using Opera. Any thoughts?
Hey, Chikakat. Welcome back Big Smile Smilie You've been missed. I trust your studies are going well.

The problem you are describing sounds more drastic than the ones we normally come across. I'm not sure what it actually is, but it sounds like some sort of compatability problem between Java and your PC. I take it you are able to browse the net okay using IE, and this only happens when opening chat. As no one else has mentioned such problems, it does not sound like a Java - IE problem, but something with your own machine. There have been a lot of viruses flying around just recently. Is it possible one of those has crept into your machine and corrupted a few files?

Anyone else got any ideas?