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#tolkien mini-guide to chatting
These are som useful commands and tips for you who are new to chatting.

change nickname without having to disconnect or leave the room:
/nick newnick
(don't forget the / )
/nick Bob changes your nick to Bob

Perform an action
/me action

Your nickname will appear automatically
If your nick is Bob, /me is happy will show up as *Bob is happy

Frequently used abbreviations:

LOL = Laughing Out Loud
ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
wb = welcome back
ty = thank you
bbl = (I'll) be back later
brb = (I'll) be right back
bbiab = (I'll) be back in a bit
asl = age, sex, location

Be very careful about who you give personal information to! People aren't always who they claim to be.
Don't open links you are not sure are safe.

If anyone is behaving in a way you are not comfortable with, tell one of the channel operators.
Channel operators/moderators are the ones with @ infront of their names (if you are using an irc client like mIRC) or the smiley faces with sunglasses (if you are using the PT applet). The colour of the smileys may vary, but the operators are always the first names on the list and they have a different colour from the rest.
Thaaannk yuuu Amarie. Stoney is rather all thumbs when he gets into the chatroom. Thumbs Up Smilie I have it all engraved in my helm now!
Right. And you can't get some smileys. You can get the usual basic ones like Smile Smilie and Sad Smilie and :P but not much else.
Very nice guide Amarie !!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Thank you! Big Smile Smilie
I thought it would be nice to have these things in writing since I have discovered that explaining them in the chatroom takes time and is often confusing.
Thanks Amarie!

You have contrubited to my return from what is called

'thoroughly confused about everything-itis'

Many thanks to you, my friend!
Thank you for all the help. I look forward to being a member here.
How do I start a forum? Wiggle Smilie

I have created a thread for this post since there wasn't an appropriate one for Mornedhel77 to ask his question. Moderator Smilie

Here is the link:
Creating Threads
Rednell Moderator Smilie