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I've been away for a while from the main messageboard, let alone the Chat channel, but now as I reinstalled mIRC, got a nick again, and prepared to come back, I tried to connect to the server only to find I was K-lined, or in other words, IP-banned. Shocked Smilie My brother Damion, who is also on this site, is also banned, since we have two computers sharing the same IP and internet service. He's been gone for a while, and I haven't been on P-T for months ’ in short, neither of us has done anything to be kicked or warned, let alone IP-banned! I hope it was only an error or mistake of some sort, and not done intentionally - can someone help me to be unbanned, so I can resume usage of the Chat system? If you need any info, like the IP or nick I'm running, you can contact me in this thread, or at .

Thanks for the help,
If you are K lined you need to contact the server administrators.
A K line is nothing to do with planet-tolkien, it so happens that I am one of the server administrators. Contact me on msn, Ive messaged you with my msn details, and I will look to see if its a real k line or some other fault you are assuming is a kline.

By the way, I'm going to bed in 35 minutes, after which I will be unreachable until about 3pm BST, tomorrow afternoon.

Mon 3.55pm: Okay, Im home now if you still need assistance.