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I don't exactly remember how to spell it but how do you put the 2 dots over letters in you name?
To put the dots above letters name you must find out the alt key code (unless it's a button on you key board) the one for ’ is ALT-0235 so you hold down alt then press 0235 and you will get ’
And ’ is alt-0228
And ’ is alt-0252
And ’ is alt-0246
And ’ is alt-0239
And Just because
’ is alt-0235
THis should help
So now Arf’a, please give us the ones for the ones with ' and ^ over them like ’ and ’, because I get tired of copying and pasting them from the Character Map (RUN "charmap").

Of course these short cuts don't work for me when I'm typing into this window using Mozilla Firebird as my browser. Do they work in Internet Explorer or only if you type everything through Word?
Alt-0225 = ’
Alt-0233 = ’
Alt-0237 = ’
Alt-0250 = ’
Alt-0243 = ’
Alt-0226 = ’
Alt-0234 = ’
Alt-0238 = ’
Alt-0251 = ’
Alt-0244 = ’
These are them and they do work with Explorer i don't know about anything else.
Just use a French AZERTY keyboard (or change your keyboard settings to French) and putting the ^, ’, ’, ’, ’, ’, `, whatever, becomes a piece of cake, or like the French say : une pi’ce de gateau.

Ah, but El Supremo says we not use anything French’the stupid git. Orc Grinning Smilie
And who, may I ask, is this git 'el Supremo?'
And seriously... does the French keyboard have the accented letters on it? What's the Frendh keyboard like?
And does anyone know how the japanese type? They've got a hundred million alphabets and a hundred million characters in each!!!
And who, may I ask, is this git 'el Supremo?'

El Supremo would be 'The Shrub'

Moderator Smilie (Grondy says euphemisms is okay, but using actual names is getting too political.) Elf Winking Smilie
Oh, really? That's good to know. As is this handy list of characters I find without even the wit to use charmap, but by going "Alt 144... no, that's not it; Alt 145... no, that's the uppercase... Alt146...." Being elliterate is a pain, especially since BOTH my parents were computer science majors in the mid-eighties. Ah, those were the days, when we got our very first computer, and, because we paid extra, had DOUBLE the standard memory: a whopping 512K! Only ran about $2200, too (and that's 1985 dollars!) I'm not saying that was a while back, but our OS was DOS 2.10. I miss DOS. Returning to topic, (sort of) I can think of a few eupemisms that would be both unmistakable and, I'm sure, instantly deleted. ;-p
Check one of Miruvor's diaries for spelling tools, Morambar : "Tolkien Spelling Tools". Everything you wanted to know about ’, ’, ’, etc. is in there.
I dunno if I trust that Miruvor guy with all his psuedonyms. Seems like he's trying to hide something. ;-p Thanks for the tip though; will do.
I have two small post-its on the lower margin of my monitor with the eight ALT-codes I use the most, but I also have "charmap" highlighted in my RUN window for when I need the upper case letters.
Do you have to use the number pad on the right of the keyboard, or can you use the numbers along the top with the !"’$%^&*() above the numbers, i ask this as i have a wireless keyboard and its different to other keyboards and it doesnt have the pad on the right and it doesnt work when i type in the numbers with the ones along the top
The num pad.