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Hmmm. This morning I created a new journal, and now it seems to be gone. Is this possible? I'm sure I did not delete it. Very Sad Smilie

And now that I checked the taverns, all the posts I made there are gone too. Very Sad Smilie
HI there , I cannot find mine either.I have been looking eveywhere for them , strange ?
Could be one of the following:

They have turned to the dark side
The mothership came back for them
They were posted too close to a black hole
They dug their way out using tunnels called Charley, Farley, Barley and Warley
It could be a technical problem which will be dealt with ASAP

Has the bug been found? Or shall I wait a bit longer to post my journal again?
I don't know, Tommie. We appear to have lost at least two members somewhere but I am not sure whether your lost journal entry is due to the same problem. I'd suggest posting it again anyway.

So far Virumor and Loni have evaporated. Anyone else disappeared without trace or warning?
Tommie: The bug doesn't delete all the journals you make, it just chooses to delete posts and journals when it feels like it. Everybody who posted someting at appox the same time you did, lost their post/journal/whatever. Just be happy you weren't deleted yourself... :/

I suggest saving a copy of the journal, so you can repost if it goes missing again.

*grabs big stick and goes bug hunting*
Ok, thanks for the info, I'll just post the entry again then.

Members going missing? That's got to be a rather huge bug!

*joins bug hunt*
This isn't about missing journal entries but its about the missing "Write journals" page. It seems that I'm not allowed to write any more journals since there's nowhere to type the stuff in. I guess (read hope) its just a glitch and will be corrected soon.
Maybe it's just that your life isn't family friendly enough.

The Council doesn't like your whole sex, drugs & rock 'n roll lifestyle, ya know?
It is a glitch, it has been reported to Grep and it will be fixed. Just hang on...
It's fixed!
Not entirely sure what i did there, i broke somthing while installing the new spellchecker. Anyway I tracked down the problem so you should be able to post journals again now.