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I seem to have a problem here and my hubby says my pc is OK.

It takes absolutely ages for each page to load. I have tried logging off and restarting the computer but it is still slow. I have tried a different times of the day and I still have the same problem. Sometimes it takes so long I get logged out (mind you I get logged out several times a session) and my screen saver comes up.

I now have to copy what I write every time so I don't loose it when I try to post - it's getting really frustrating. Very Sad Smilie

Any ideas Elf Confused Smilie

ps it just happended now when trying to post this thread
I'd try scanning my computer for viruses and/or spy- and adware.
Miruvor's advice is good, I used to find using my system monitor (under sytem tools under accessories), that my CPU was running at 100% and I wasn't running any programs. I installed ad-aware and 'spybot search and destroy' each of which I run weekly and I seldom find that problem anymore. I am also using the AVG 7.0 Plus Firewall that scans my computer daily for viruses rather than just once a week like Symantec's Norton did. Now if I could just get a good SPAM blocker to get rid of all the pharmaceutical and replica watch ads.

I still find sometimes P-T can't be reached once in a while during a session, like it did Saturday afternoon my time, first thing Sunday morning GMT/UTC, at which times after I get out of the browser (Mozilla Firefox) and then go back in, and if P-T still isn't there, I call it a day and try again the next day. My frustration quotion is only so high, I can only take so much

Anyway good luck with your problem. Oh I have broadband which means I normally only have to wait for a few seconds for a page to load, when I don't have to wait for P-T to answer its phone. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
We have broad band and I have a firewall which protects daily (McAFee Security). Hubby has also protected me from any spying - he is really up on pc's

We have 6 in the house (he built them all), one for each of the family plus one in the kitchen where we play all our cd's, and an extra one in the front room to play the TV from and tape programmes to the pc - hubby has put all out cd's into the pc where we can see everything we have. David is always upgrading, making things go faster, trying to use water to go throught the pc to keep it cool etc etc... - sorry I have deviated from the subject. One Eye Smilie
Then it must be a problem with the server on the P-T end, which is out of our control. Does the problem happen often or just once in a while? How many members are online when it happens? Actually, I'm just gathering info here, because I wouldn't know how to fix it even if I knew the cause of the problem. Sorry.
Baiscly it's planet-tolkiens Database server that you're waiting for - our database is very big for a site of this kind, some 120,000 individual posts sit in the DB right now! I have the same problem and there are three sides to it.

- The Homepage including images is about 150k (a lot to download)
- The Database server is doing an awful lot of work just to send you one page, this is particularly true with the 'mega-threads'
- local contention on your broadband line

Whats Contention?
Broadband lines aren't phone lines, you don't have the one single connection running to your house, you share it with quite a few other people i.e . contend with your neibours for access to the connection - you'll find it slows down at busy times.

The problems we have with the site aren't quite as simple as adding new fourm features, we've outgrown the software we're using right now and need to migrate to somthing new. I just need to find people to help me with the migration!
Makes us sound like a big fat bloated catapillar that's waiting to metamorphasise into a beautiful moth.

Something which will help the logging out problem, Maydmarion, is to swap your browser from Internet Explorer to Mozilla. This site has had logging out issues with IE since Taz built it. It's very rare I get logged out using Mozilla. Since I use Mozilla for PT and IE for most other things, I've also set my Mozilla homepage as PT so it brings me instantly here.
Makes us sound like a big fat bloated catapillar that's waiting to metamorphasise into a beautiful moth.

Or waiting to get sucked up by Timon and/or Pumbaa.