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When using bold/italic or underlined text, or opening quotations, can you please note that you need to click the relevant icon before the text you wish to highlight in order to open the function, and again after it, in order to close it. You will notice that a "b" will appear in square brackets when opening the function, and "/b" will appear at the end. Recently several members have been having a few problems, which have resulted in the formatting of the following posts all being incorrect and the CM's having to chase around editing the formatting.
I find using the icons a little fiddly as it always put the code at the end of the message and I have to cut and past.

I find it easier to type it in each time quote and /quote, b and /b etc with [] round them.
Since i spend... oh half my life typing opening and closing tags here's what i do type both the brackets either <> for html or [] for bbcode hit the back arrow and fill in the blanks - hope that helps!
Recently I noticed many have been putting the b within the brackets at the end, but have been forgetting to add the slash /.

I use the icon if I'm at the end of my text and have found if I double click it to get both the openning and closing symbols, I can put a carriage return (enter) between them, back arrow to the original line, type my text, and delete the carriage return. That way I don't have to worry about it.

I also notice that many of you are correctly trying to use the icons at the openning and closing, Orc Smiling Smilie but you have gotten them out of sync. Orc Sad Smilie You should check to ensure the last one has the slash before you hit the 'Save Post' Button, else it is all for nought
i have a question.
can we use html coding? like font colour ect? i guess lots of people would find it annoying...but still. mayb?
Someone did try it once and we told them to stop straight away because multicoloured text look horrible. You are correct, though, it was annoying.
The problem is also is it good or bad coding, as we've seen not closing tags causes problems with the site, particularly when using xHTML and while your image tag is perfect coding HTML 4 it's incorect for xHTML as in xHTML all tags HAVE to be closed so br and img tags have to have /> at the end or they start to screw things up.
i thought that we were never going to use sigs as they take up too much space?

i get ya
And that 'skwrl Xing' image in Elrose's above post is not allowed either. Moderator Smilie
Tis true but i guess we can allow elrose a bit of devilish behavoir, the thread doesn't make much sense without it.