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I am allowed to create new threads, but am unable to edit pre-existing posts or reply in threads. Is this something everyone is experiencing?
I too have noticed the inability to edit posts. I'm not having trouble replying, but I may just be lucky.
The problem of replying to posts has rectified itself: there was this huge blank espanse so I thought the page was over, but if I scrolled down a ton, there was the box to type in. Problem solved. Though it cuts off part of what I'm typing so I can't see parts of what I've written until after I've posted it...
I also have noticed this problem about posting since the renovation of this site.
Problem seems to have sorted itself out now, although my admin tools may be allowing me more access than the rest of you. I can post and edit fine, but I have been logged out several times this morning while doing so.
I don't find anything of that sort using Mozilla. Maybe the site isn't IE friendly. But, it still needs a lot of tweaking. Like the PM inbox page isn't very user friendly.