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The internal chat applet should be working now - let me know if it stops
We aplogize for the recent problems with the chatroom login. There was a change in the network server that we use.
All is in proper working order again, so come one in and say hello.

Remeber, you have to go into 'My Account' to find the link to the chatroom,

See you there!
Well, if anyone still has any problems, like Java not being installed and stuff, I can give access to #bilbos-study during the study sessions and maybe at other times to #Tolkien too, if my bandwidth is free.
Hi everyboby I'm new would like to chat sometime maybe someone can give me the basics so i look like I 1/2 way know what I'm do'in.
Welcome to PT mate, just go to enter your name in the box and click the little login button at the bottom of the screen and hey presto you're in chat!
I have moved these two posts here as this thread is more appropriate for the query.

Aragorn's Lady
has made 9 posts is an Elf from Rivendell and is not Online.
Posted Saturday 26th August 2006 (12:55am)
Hi, have a question,not sure if I'm in the right place.My question: Do I need a faster connection to be able to get into the chatroom? I have a slower dial up.Would I need DSL ? I get the response that I need wider parameters. I'm also using Windows "98SE.I'm new to computers and well....self taught.Any help would be greatly appreciated!- Aragorn's Lady 8/25/06

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Posted Saturday 26th August 2006 (02:04pm)

Hey Aragorn's Lady,
Welcome to PT!
I moderated in the chatroom for years using a dial-up connection. Of course, I had to have a dedicated phone line for the computer because my family complained too much about the phone being busy all the time. Wink Smilie
You do need to have java activated on your computer, however. If it is not, all you will have is a big grey box in the centre of your monitor.
I am afraid that there is not much going on in the chatroom these days as our mods have been very busy and unable to host it. Hopefully, we will be back on track again soon.