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This forum is known as "Website Help" and doesn't say which website it means. Because of this, I decided to get help from anyone who knows anything about html.

When you load the page in IE, when you roll your mouse over "Home" in the left navigation bar, it doesn't display the same rollover effects as the other links. I can't figure out the problem. I've tried for hours now and can't figure it out. A little help? Here's the site:

Also, has html been disabled in posts? If so, there will be some weird ones out there by me and Findarato. If it's disabled, I want it back!
The link seems to be working fine; and thus I exhaust my knowledge of html. But good luck!
The link is fine, it's the rollover effects that aren't. I can't figure it out. Anyone who can help, please do!
The rollover effects seem consitant - what effect were you aiming for?
What version of IE are you guys using? Maybe that's the problem.
I'm using firefox, and i also checked with IE - I think the problem might be that you have the page chached in IE. Do you know how to fix this?
Yeah, I already did that. What version of IE are you using?
I am using version 6.0.2900.2180. I've redesigned the site and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?
there's a code stripper operating that replaces the bb code tags with the correct html and gets rid of most other things - i'd really rather members didn't include html in their posts (other than the bbcode) because it plays merry hell with the site's layout and i always end up fixing it!
I rewrote the code and it works now. I compared the rewritten code with the old and they were exactly the same. Wierd.

I mostly use html for stuff like hyperlinks, bold, line breaks and italics. Stuff you already use. Used a picture once though. Just someone elses avatar.
It's no big deal but i'd appreciate it if you'd just stick to bb code.