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Thread: Verrrrry confused.

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Ok I know darn well that there is a chat room here. So why can't I find it?!?!?!
Seriousely I want to chat!!! I am seeing that there are 191 people on right now!!!

I'll beg...... look I"m on my knees!!!
HAH I found it!!! I Rock!!!
Yup, the Chat Room link is found via the My Account link, near the right end of its menu.
Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Well wasn't that quite an adventure?

The Hunt for the Chatroom

with the wise old wizard appearing at the very end to reveal the secret...
OK, probably the wrong place to put this but I'm also confused. I have found the chat room via my account but all I can see there is a big white box. Anyone got any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated.
Have you tried clicking on the white box, I have to click on it whenever I go in, once I click on it, the java symbol appears in it and it's loading the starting point of the chat room, once it's loaded you type in your nickname and enter. Execpt I just tried it, and no-one is in there. There is usually about 7 - 8 people there but none for the past few weeks???
Thanks. I've tried clicking on white box but nothing happens.
Do you have java? it may be that you don't have Java or that it is somehow being blocked from loading, that usually happens to me when i'm on a new computer. i'm really not much help on these things, sorry, techonology challenged.
Me too. I thought Java was a character from Star Wars! It is a new computer - I'll have to try to find out. Thanks for trying to help, though.
Aaah that's probably it, Arwy, you are better than you think. You might want to download the program Java, then it could work click here and see if it works Orc Smiling Smilie
Please do not visit the chatroom. It's full of lions and bears.
This time Virumor isn't pulling your leg.

Moderator Smilie You visit the chatroom at your own peril! We can no longer patrol that region of the bush to keep the hazardous critters at bey so that you might be safe from predators.
I have not been to the chat in some time, so what you say mystifies me, Grondy. Care to explain? Or anyone else care to illuminate me?
Hi, I'm confused too.I've never been able to chat since becoming a member about 5 weeks ago. I installed Java after reading this thread, especially the linl that Loss gave.Still nothing.It says there are 230 people online.When I tried the chatroom it said zero.Then "not enough parameters"....I 'm currently using Windows'98SE and have dial up.Can anyone help?????
Hi, thanks for all the help. I have Java installed. Still can't chat - any other suggestions?
Sorry Beren,I can't chat eitherSad Smilie
Sorry Beren,I can't chat either

Very Evil Smilie
As far as I remember Melliv, you can, you do and have done so, since the day you were born!! Wary Smilie Dead Smilie Ignore Smilie Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Notice: We can no longer provide a safe haven in our chatroom for our membership to converse; therefore the chatroom link has been removed for the duration. Our irc server(s) are playing politics; we've lost our channel ops and their bot; and most importantly we have no responsible adults who can spare the time 24/7 to properly monitor the chatroom ensuring our standards are maintained.

When we say for the duration, it means it is temporary, but we don't know if it is a matter of days, weeks, or months; and maybe not even until someone decides to film The Hobbit.

Sorry for the inconvenience.