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Every day I get a message that I recieved some Mithril. What is that for and what am I supposed to do with it?
At the moment mithril is used for sending private messages. There are plans to bring in more uses for it. Does anyone have any ideas for using mithril?

The help files contain lots of useful information but if you can't find your answers there just ask.

Maybe you could receive a Bonus mithril for being a member for 3 months,6 ,9 etc..or for your 1000 post ? just an idea Happy Elf Smilie
What we need are new ways to spend mithril Mellon, today I have 16940 pieces and they are burning a hole in my pocket as well as making me walk down the street lopsided. Elk Grinning Smilie
I got 14754. That might be enough to get myself at least a dozen Haradrim slave girls.
Well, I have 11283 pieces, so I must be catching up to you, Vir and Grondy! But I am all for other uses for mithril. How about a "store" from which we can buy items like "food," "weapons," etc.? Though how complicated this might be, and where we might put such things after buying them is beyond me. But maybe Grep and Vir (and others) know how this might be done.
Vee was only asking for an idea Grondy , don't kill me ..I might enjoying being Virs' slave .but I do agree with Gandalf maybe we could buy weapons/jewellery / clothes ..or maybe we could buy ourselves places to live in the Shire or Mordor ? Again just an Idea Happy Elf Smilie And Grondy Smile Smilie We NEED members like you , but most of us does not have so many mithril as you doSmile Smilieand I do spend a lot of my sending mail to PT members .That's one way to spend themSmile Smilie
We could also spend mithril on uplaoding different avatars and I believe there was the concept of paying for location/race changes as well.
And we could also hire bodyguards with our bulging pockets. They'd come in handy when you need protection from lascivious men... Orc Grinning Smilie
Vee was only asking for an idea Grondy , don't kill me.....but most of us does not have so many mithril as you do Smile Smilie and I do spend a lot of my sending mail to PT members.....
Sorry Mellon, I didn't mean to pick on you.

When we were getting lots of meaningful discussion posts concerning the books and movies, the Council awarded 100 Mithril for "Post of the Week". That has since been dilluted to "Post of the Whenever" with little or no action having been taken these past months.
And we could also hire bodyguards with our bulging pockets. They'd come in handy when you need protection from lascivious men...

And if our mithrill migth be of any use, I for once volunteer to put in my share in an effective "BODYGUARDING CLOVERESS-FUND"; and if such a situation is well paid; I'll apply for such a job! Angel Smilie Moderator Smilie Angel Smilie
Well, um, in the FAQ it does mention different prices for PM's depending on the weather...I haven't seen the weather link at all, not to mention a change inthe weather here on PT for a while now! Maybe, ...yeah, I like the idea of being charged, say, 30 mithril to change avatar pics... and perhaps you could charge to enter inns in the rpg forum?? I don't know how hard that would be to work properly, though...but it could be fun.
On other sites it is used to buy things, like weapons or houses. But those forums are very complicated, because you can actually use the things you buy.
These suggestions all sound great. I always wondered what the Mithril was for. I have a suggestiong: How about putting some kind of profile tracker on the top of the page that tells us how much Mithril we have. In addition, give us an option to not recieve a message every time we get more Mithril, because every time I see I have a message I get excited! I think someone is writing me, but then its just Mithril. Sad Smilie
Then if you combine that with some sort of shop where we can spend it, then it would be great!
That would be a grand idea to have a shop of some sort, the purchase of items to allow your character eg. Elf from Lothlorien and Hobbit from Buckland. Although that would seem to take alot of work and preparation and so would this idea; Maybe there could be a small link next to the user name in posts and you could then click on it to go to a page where you can see their own personal character, and as your mithril builds you can change clothes and other things like change of your hair colour (but all could be expensive so that you need to stay with the site to get more mithril), maybe have your own ring Orc Smiling Smilie you could buy one of the elven rings or even the one ring, but expensive, but would look good. Basically, a picture that can be interactive and you can add your items to it. Oh, you could do trading of itmes with other members???

Ok, this is my last idea which is more simple and could be a good idea, I remember reading that there used to be levels??? Like you would start with Friend, then Ranger, and move to Istari, and higher, as your posts grow, there could be your "level" next to your name and then the CM's could see that when the members reach another level, they are given Mithril for it, but only when they reach the level. Then mithril would come quicker for the character idea above. I will stop now, but Im thinking off the top of my head, so don't think I've been thinking of this for ages and hope that it'll work, as I am only thinking on the spot Orc Smiling Smilie
Here's a better idea : from now on, posting a PM will cost 5,000 mithril. We need some inflation to get rid of our elephantine heaps of mithril.

Even mighty Smaug would only look like a fly on the bottom of a rhinoceros, if he'd lay himself down on my mountain of mithril...
I like the idea of buying stuff to enhance one's character and something interactive sounds even better. I suppose the problem is how to do it without screwing up the site. Or I could start a 'protection business'.... Send me your mithril and you won't get roasted!

Big Laugh Smilie
I would give you Mithril but there is no way to do that, I think that's why we are doing brain-storms on how to use it as not many actions are available Orc Grinning Smilie I like the character idea, as it's mine Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Well, um, in the FAQ it does mention different prices for PM's depending on the weather...I haven't seen the weather link at all, not to mention a change in the weather here on PT for a while now!

When the forum was changed from ezboard to Taz's home written program a couple years back (when the dates all jumped to 01 January 1970) we had changing weather patterns for each of or dwelling locations. The weather changed daily with icons depicting the current condition.Sending PMs cost varying amounts depending on the distance to be travelled and the weather at the destinations. This was dropped when Grep took over the Website due to problems with the code.

His long term goal is a new style forum with more modern controls, but he would still like to include a few of the custom features to add a little more Tolkienesqueness to the site. However, not being independently wealthy he must earn a living and can only spend a small amount of time and money for upgrading. At least that is how I view the problem. If we give him ideas the better ones may get added to his consideration list.
Aye, how I miss the weather....... Of course we all appreciate Grep's work, and he has made a hell of an improvement to the site, *takes hat off to Grep*.

I do have another idea, but it's just a query; Our dear Clover does Awards every month, (which are thouroughly loved, maybe Mithril could be given if you recieve an award???
There is just one thing to be careful of and that is that this site doesn't become exactly the same as one of the other Tolkien sites. So if there would be uses for mithril it should be different then on that site. That site has lots of different features, I'll give the link here: (very complicated site I must say)

By the way, I don't like the idea for having to pay for messages. But it could be used for lots of other things.
As great as all these ideas of buying weapons and jewelry sound, I have to question how we're gonna do them. I don't think it'll be an easy job for old Greppers and besides, what use are weapons on this family friendly site? It's not like it's WoW or DnD down here!

Mithril as rewards to the *Cloverine* awards are nice, but then I would have too much pressure in choosing the right people for the awars and all. And everyone will then be screaming about how unfair Cloveress is being and how the awards are so unprofessional and messed up. I mean, an award for "best at eating newbies"? That somehow doesn't seem to a good award to recieve mithril for. I started all this award business for only one motive: fun. And I do not intend on making it any more serious than it is at the moment. So, touched as I am by the suggestion that my awards are mithril-worthy, I have to oppose it.

But back to what mithril can be used for. I liked that PM stuff! Why did it stop? And the weather too. I, like Losse, miss the good old weather reports... And maybe a device could be fashioned so that members could transfer their mithril to other members in return for services (*wink wink Rafael*)?
I see Ye; Clever-Lass, and the offer is still valid!

Has anyone dreamed about a betting game, where one can gamble, bet and loose?
Online gambling is now illegal here in the USA. The States want their cut and the offshore outfits won't offer any kickback, so Congress recently outlawed it. Of course playing with mithril would probably negate the illegality.
But wouldn't the buying/selling stufss with mithril affect users with slower connections, such as i, as these things will probably take some time to load as i experienced with one such site. And it might become difficult to manage.
I think, that the website should be like... a website where we can design characters, and use Mithril to buy weapons and armour and other random things Wiggle Smilie
*Refers to previous idea of Loss's exactly halfway up the page*

Something interactive would add spice to the site and as most members would like that added, maybe it should be pushed up to top 3 on the to-do list... and I appreciate that Grep DOES have a life... but sooner developed would stop the badgering Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
but sooner developed would stop the badgering Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Man...I hope you never stumble across MY website Loss. I haven't updated anything in about two years. But it's just a "content-only" site, there's no users or anything. Even so, if I ever gave you the url, I just know you'd be my biggest nag, "Hey Rob when are you gonna update the site? Come on bro, it's been two years. Let's get moving already!" LOL
Earning and spending mithrill shouldn't become the main objective of this site. I play a bit on and see how far people are willing to go to get their hands on other peoples items and "money", it's scary! I would HATE for that to happen here. Very Sad Smilie

But it would be nice to own a little house or a castle. Find a job. Own a donkey, pony, horse, warg, fell beast. Which could all show up when you view a members profile. It doesn't have to be too complicated to brighten things up.
"Amari’ is an Eagle, she is a Messenger for Manw’ and lives in a golden nest in the Mountains."

But it is hard to predict what we will be able to add. At this point we don't know much about what the new forum will be like. But you should be able to view a members profile and the council will get a few new toys to play with. So all of you who have time to spare, put it in a box and tape it firmly shut (so no time is wasted), and send it to:
Planet Tolkien

Wiggle Smilie
But you should be able to view a members profile

Oh, I thought that that idea of mine was chucked out of the window in the Profiles for members thread... but I can't complain, I think it's a great idea... though not going too far with the personal information of course... but I suppose that would depend on what you are doing to develop it. So, (without you revealing too much information) there is going to be extras like owning items, but not turning into something like World Of Warcraft or Runescape (both of which I've never played) where it is all about money money money items items items gimme gimme gimme... but it would have to be something interactive so to speak... like your own character, hence the nest as you said, and a bio of some sort... sounds good...

But Rob, I'm not a nagger, I'm just someone who has been here for a couple of years eager to know about improvements, call it curiosity Orc Smiling Smilie Ooooh I want a horse!!!Orc Grinning Smilie I shall call him Squishy and he shall be my Squishy Orc Grinning SmilieElf With a Big Grin Smilie
Oi wants a yellow duckie Duck Smilie what Oi'll call "Crackers" and take 'im swimmin' wid me. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
I want a BUNNY RABBIT! "My own cute little bunny rabbit, and I will love him and pet him and hug him and squeeze him and I will name him George!"

And will chop George up into little pieces and make a nice rabbit stew. Oh and Cloveress, I wasn't aware of any elves being so... um... easy? Or should we say maybe... ya we'll stick with easy.
Be careful Dragon-breath... Clover is the sites official Faery, I'd watch out... And don't say I didn't warn you about it either... Super Scared Smilie Plus, an elf it says she is, but an elf she isn't... Don't let her powers blind you, not that it will help anyway Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Grondmaster, how could even that much mithril make you walk lopside...a whole armor-vest of it is as light as a for thought, lol.

Mae govannen.
The mithril here is quite like leprechaun money..unless you are messaging people a lot.for new members like me its exciting but for the super rich hereWink Smilietoo much is a bad thing i guessSmile Smiliethe store idea is fun ,though i hope PT retains its simple charm.we need more interaction and i got just good old rissien in my buddy list.grondy you might consider an account in Gringotts.seriously.
Naw, no Gringotts account necessary as long as Taz keeps paying the 20 mp daily. I trust his bookkeeping and if he wants to give half of it away to charity, similar to that proposed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, that would be okay with me. I have more than I could spend even if those storm clouds hovered permanently over the Glittering Caves. Elf Winking Smilie