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I was uploading a new avatar but i did not come.
I dont get why.
It was 70#70 and in .gif
could someone give me a hand here?
mine did the same. close your web browser, open it anew and try reloading it.
You need to log off and then close down the window like Thorin said (but make sure it says at the bottom "upload successful"), then it should work, if not PM me and I can help you out

nope i cant get it to work!
Sometimes you even have to shut down your browser and start it again after uploading before you can see it; I don't know why.
Maybe the server just doesnt like me! Big Smile Smilie
LOVE your new avatar GildorHappy Elf Smilie
allright ill send it
I suspect that there may be a bug somewhere as I seem to have lost my avatar. Sad Smilie
*goes to call Grep*
Aha, it worked. I had to close my firefox browser and open IE to get it to work. Go figure.
I'm glad it did work, because that is one great avatar you have there Orc Smiling Smilie Is it a red griffin/dragon and a white horse???
but i also use firefox and my avatar is okay.
LOVE your new avatar Gildor Happy Elf Smilie

Thanks, his name is Shinigami. Smile Smilie
o.O Am I the only one here who knows who/what Shinigami is?
Aha, it worked. I had to close my firefox browser and open IE to get it to work. Go figure.

Does your avatar depict the birth of Pegasus from the blood of Cetus, Nell?
o.O Am I the only one here who knows who/what Shinigami is?

No, I know who/what it is too.
My head will explode right now!!! Exploding Head Smilie

I loaded the image a long while ago when gildor sended it to me and i uploaded it and it said upload succesfull but i did not see it then and i thought that it was only on my computer but i guess it did not work can you see my avatar?

"is setting up a pile of dynamite next to the computer"

Whats a shinigami?
is shinigami one of the wolves from Chronicals of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe?
Shinigami (from Shi-no-kami?) is a Japanese word for "God of Death". It's been used in numerous anime series, including one of my favorites. See Shinigami

I see you're back around, Rednell ’ long time no see! Arco here.
So, now I'm trying to load a new avatar pic, and no matter what I do, it won't show, even though it insists the load was successful... thoroughly me?
Well, I can't remember seeing that avatar before. (Blue with white lines) So you may want to refresh a couple of times so you can see it as well. Empty the browsers cache perhaps if refreshing doesn't help. Happy Elf Smilie
Well, at least you can see it. That's a good sign. I'll try that, thanks!

(for anyone who's wondering...heh, I just wanna brag, I guess...I made this one, too. It's the Aon Ata, meaning grace, one thing I sincerely wish I had. The symbol is modified from Brandon Sanderson's Aonic symbols, from his book Elantris. I really enjoyed that one...)

And, yeah, that worked. Thanks, Amarie!
That's one spiffing avatar Laurel, 'snice Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
now i got my picture in GIF-format and i have added .gif to the end but why does the site claim that it must be .gif!!!!!
Sad Smilie this is bad i think....
i was so desparate that i was going to delete the file but it wont let me delete it! uncool!
thats it! i quit! so frustrating!!

edit:last attempt...

Upload Avatar (gif format, 8kb max & 70x70 pixels) Photo must be .gif Do not upload an image which is rude or likely to offend!

here are the requirements right?
my picture is 3.4kb so thats not.
its 70x70 or thats how i setted the setting.
it is .gif.
and i dont think that it will be that rude or that itll be somehow offending. but i doubdt that th server doesnt check it...
im using paint to edit and alter the photo (just like i did whit my last avatar that worked)
should i get a new picture editor?

Edit: oh whatever i dont want to whine. ill just not upload a avatar.
E-mail the avatar to and we'll get Ant to put it up for you. Smile Smilie