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I began a new thread in the "Middle-earth" "Places" forum called "accurate distances". The date (07-03-07) does not appear on the main page, where the date and author of the most recent post are supposed to be displayed. I am hoping that this is the reason no one has responded to my thread and that it can be remedied Wink Smilie
The thread doesn't show up on the list of resent post/today's messages because it hasn't been posted in today. "Today" begins at midnight GMT (British time) and the list is reset.

The list on the right here, under the headline "forum" ---------->
simply shows the 15 most resent thread which have been posted in, and is not reset at midnight.

I did see your thread yesterday, so it did register and it was on the list. But you did ask a question which I believe is rather impossible to answer. But that is to be discussed in that thread and not this one. Wink Smilie