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What is the purpose of mithril?
If I'm correct, it is used to send messages to other members. Somebody else could help clarify. Deal Smilie

P.S. For any council member or other: In the smilie file, i noticed that one should say party, and it says pary.
To find the use of mithril you might have read Mithril? instead of starting a new thread. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Re: Pary Smilie We have known that "party" has been misspelled for at least half a decade and I have it memorized that way. Besides it would be too much bother for Grep to change now and he has so much other stuff we would like him to do.

Orc Grin Orc Grinning Smilie is also misspelled as "orcgin"
Oh, Sorry!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Yeah, but I joined only about 4 months ago.
Question: does it take mithril to reply to a message, as it does to send one?
I think so, but I don't really know as my mithril pile always ends in zero, so I don't think I am getting charged for either. I know I replied to a PM today and it didn't change; however I don't know if that is because being a Council Member I have franking priveliges or if the postal meter is broken. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie It may be when Grep got rid of the weather department the postal meter went with it.

Look at your mithril balance, then send a PM, and look at your balance again to see if it has changed.

I have never moved either so I don't know if we are still actually being charged to do that.
Another Question; Why did the weather have to be taken out? I wasn't here for it, but it sounded awesome. Very Sad Smilie And why is the weather stuff still in the F.A.Q.s? It kinda misleading.

Because we changed owners and the new one doesn't have time to make inprovements, but has been planning on changing forum engine first. We council members have been waiting ages for it to happen and have no idea when it will happen. Sorry.