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Thread: wher do i learn this language?

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i need help i want to learn this language of "elves"but i dont know where can anybody tell me?
I recommend reading the FAQ and checking out the Resources link at...

There are various Elvish languages, though two Eldarin tongues are the most attested in the books, High-elven and Grey-elven.
Try this site for learning Quenya: Ardalambion
With the caveat noted at concerning Helge Fauskanger's Ardalambion:

'Helge offers the most up-to-date and accurate account of Neo-Quenya (that is, a synthetic and regularized form of Quenya formed by the selective piecing-together of evidences from across decades of Tolkien's successive versions and elaborations of Quenya) as a series of graded courses. The course is presented in a series of RTF (text) files. Highly recommended as an introduction to more rigorous and detailed study of Tolkien's own Quenya(s).'