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The taverns are basically for everything (also non-Tolkien stuff) you cannot post under anything else on the forum. Doesn't matter what you put where, there are five of them, cos these are the five mentioned by Tolkien in LOTR. Big Smile Smilie So these taverns are to post everything really. Winking Smilie
you know how we (are supposed to...) keep just on topic in every other thread? In the taverns, you can say whatever you want (as long as it's not inappropriate) without worrying about whether or not you're staying strictly to what's going on. A couple of the threads in some of the taverns are acutally started from off-topic discussions that came about in some other place...
Sounds good to me Tongue Smilie
Had we gone for a specific theme in each tavern, then we'd have to have the Thought-Police trying to keep posts on topic there too, which wouldn't be much fun for anyone, especially the moderators. Thumbs Down Smilie

I like to think part of our popularity is the easy going nature of the place, where friends of Tolkien can meet, take part in the occasional deep discussion, have fun, and more importantly, make friendships with the other members of the community. Thumbs Up Smilie
good points...

uh... does anyone know why assume wasnt allowed! maybe there was a space i missed when typing... OOPS!!!!!! i didnt mean it i swear! :P
Naah, that's just the language filter that's gone out of control. Tongue Smilie
Everyone has it. Look at the other posts, wherever you type a word with the a double s word in it, it's filtered out. Big Smile Smilie It's not just you, don't worry.
assume, esstimate, assimilate, essence, issue, fissssshhh (gollum), Osse, usss.

Not on all words. Only the ones it doesnt like, especially if they begin with an a. I got the same thing happening to me once, but I was talking about a donkey!

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How come assume works for me and not Gimli?

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Now I am really confused! Disturbed Smilie

[Edited on 3/7/2002 by Allyssa]
It's a s s it filters out in every word. Not ess or iss or whatever. I

Apparently sometimes it's Fast Asleep Smilie ! Big Smile Smilie


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I arsume this one will work then! Big Laugh Smilie
Yes, I also got once the three stars when I simply meant domkey!
And Frodo was addressing Sam at least once in that way - "Dear ass" - imagine now the surprise of JRRT when this innocent expressions gets so branded as "strong language"!!!
Very Big Grin Smilie @ Gimli
Shocked Smilie
Question Smilie
What are you so shocked about? Big Smile Smilie