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Just wrote 938 words worth of rubbish as a journal entry, but they aint posting. Help?
That's odd.. Sorry I can't be of help..
That is strange. I have tried it myself as a test and it seems to be working fine. Try again and see, it may allow you now Winking Smilie
Just did a test one, if it aint here in 15 minutes theres a glitch.

(would it be something to do with the scripts/databanks and stuff becauseo I've changed my username a few days ago)
It works on Firefox Big Smile Smilie

Now it isn't letting me edit it to include the stuff I did...
I myself use Chrome and still no problems. I even edited my own. I'll look into it.
Have patience for a little while Disturbed Smilie
Well Cheesey, if it works on Firefox, use Firefox, I suppose. Did you lose the 938 words that you wrote before?
I managed to post from firefox, but I couldn't edit it or post again (in firefox)

I did save it.
This won't fix all of your problems, but it makes it easier:
Do your journal entry in MS Word, that way you can see any misspellings or grammatical errors that you may want to correct later on. This way you can also see your document as a whole (the white box is a bit small).
Then just copy n' paste onto the site.
That's what I do for most of my posts, anyway. Hope I've been of use!
I have a automatic spell checker (and the green tick above the 'comment' box thing is a spell checker.) but thanks.

Even if I do that, It won't post/edit.
Its Working!

(I have posted this on both threads about this BTW)
It was certainly an... interesting story, Surivan. Big Smile Smilie
I was a bit shocked when you made Elrond come back as an evil person (...) but when Sauron returned I laughed, and laughed a bit more when it turned out to be Boromir.
Not exactly within Tolkien's world Smile Smilie, but it was funny.
Thanks Fornac.
Now it is not working again....
I keep trying to post an additional one--my first two went fine--and it won't work. I've tried three different browsers and have tried for three days now. Any suggestion?
I don't know what causes this, but I will e-mail the webmaster and hopefully it will be sorted soon. Happy Elf Smilie
This has now been fixed. It was a bug that occurred when using single quotes.