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Twice now in the past couple of weeks I have tried to post a new story I wrote and nothing at all happened. Can anyone help me, Tarrant can you fix this problem, I see others have been able to post their works.
Thank you.
Yeah, I wrote a mammoth story about Rhothgar in my journal a few weeks ago, about 500 words, it took me all morning, and I was supposed to be studying....I kept getting the 'look' from Siran. Then when I finally finished it I pushed 'publish' and the whole lot vanished without a trace, I was gutted, I tried writing it again but you know how it is, you write when the bug bites, and when the bug's gone, it's gone.
I don't know why things aren't working but might suggest writing in a Word document and then doing the copy/paste thing until it gets fixed.

Leelee! Good to see you here!
Sorry about your story, Rho. Sad Smilie

The journal problem is already on Tarrant's to-do list, but I'll let him know that you two are having problems too.
I have the same problem. I wrote a long story thing but it failed. I pressed back when I noticed it had failed, and copied it to word. A few tries later, I posted a test post which worked. So I thought it could be something to do with copying and pasting (because it could be stealing, it wouldn't work), opened up the word document it was saved on, and wrote it out again, and added a few dozen improvements, making it longer and funnier, before I published I then copy/pasted it into word, then pressed publish. That also failed. It is quite annoying.
I am at least glad to know it is not just me. I always copy mine in case this should happen. It did happen so I took the copy to my email and wrote it to myself and it is there. But honestly I want to post it. It is about Treebeard and I so wanted to get it done and move on.
Oh well, perhaps I will try the past thing, ..sigh.
Until the Journal Issue is resolved and fixed, I strongly suggest that you blow the dust off of the Writer's Guild Section of the forum and start posting your entries there. At least you can get some feedback and some positive posts from others. That is what I can think of at least, off the top of my head. I have been away for sometime, but it's really great to see you are all still here and keeping PT awake Elf With a Big Grin Smilie.
Thank you Loss, I will consider it, though I prefer to just write for the sake of writing, but perhaps. I have missed you so much. Hope everything is perfect for you.
Then I hope that the issue is fixed quickly, for one of our most frequent Journal Posters Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie. And thank you Leelee, I hope the same for you Happy Elf Smilie
Its working Big Smile Smilie
Is it working again now?