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Some of my latest journals have went missing. In fact I have posted last time earlier today. It seems like all after March 2010 is gone. Is that permanent or just temporary status?
I'm sure they'll be back shortly, hopefully also the one you made today. I have just sent a e-mail to Taz to let him know. Happy Elf Smilie
I'm looking into it now ...
How's that now?
I think they are all there. Thanks Taz!
Hold on, Taz! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I've just noticed that the posts of all the new people (for ex. Odette, Rissien and Nai) have disappeared! Any reason for this?
Shouldn't have? I disabled the forum, copied the database and did a transfer. I'll double check.

.... nope is all fine, the old database goes up to record 171206, we have that, and have increased to 171218 (12 new posts since moving).
Hmmm... could be because I need to copy/update the members table... right, done. How's that?
That's worked! Thanks from all the new members, I suppose. Big Smile Smilie
I cannot post anything at all!! Please SOS
Uh Fornad i deleted a couple of my posts because when i tried to post my 3rd entry it didnt i thought maybe their was an ultimatum of 2 entries at a i got just 1entry at present under journals.
I cannot post anything at all!! Please SOS

What's the matter?