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I could almost have put this in 'THE ODDEST THINGS' thread, since it has intrigued and confused me so much. I was messing around with the smileys function (as you may have noticed on Plastic's welcome back thread), and I discovered something quite strange. All right, to understand this you're going to have to follow me pretty carefully. Click on the 'Reply in Thread' button at the bottom of this page, go to the smileys button, select a smiley (any one, it doesn't matter), right click on it, select 'Image Properties', and look at the writing in the white box. It's all in Latin! I can't understand any of it, so I was wondering if any Latin scholars or even Taz might have a clue as to what it means.

Sounds pretty funny, but I can't seem to do it. I'm using Firefox, and when I right click a smiley, the closest option I have to "image properties" is "view image info," which contains no Latin. I also took Latin for 3 years in high school, so I was hoping to see if I actually learned anything...

I tried that twice but did not get anything. That IS odd! and yes it belongs in my The Oddest Things column because you are the only one who can get it to work!

Nope (reply mainly so I could see if it worked for me!) Its all in english for me. However the rollovers seem to be stuffed up - sad for the angelic smiley etc I'm using chrome, anyone else getting this? It actually could have always been like this, I don't normally look that closely at the smileys!

^^By stuffed up, do you mean all the little descriptions are off? Cause that's always been the case for me, as well.