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Hi! I've noticed some "bug" maybe!? I used an wireless connection at gas station. I usually open few threads in different windows in my browser. And it turns out I can vote in the poll with new "vote" in every new window, disregarding the fact I've done so already. I did that three times in a row and it worked perfectly. Given the fact that the chances I've done so with two other member at the same time are however conciderable I did not tryed more, so I just want to point this observation. Also (if possible) make my votes down to one. I've voted 3 times for Lothlorien (I do not belive in cheats).

I THINK it has something to do with whether you're logged in or not/when the last time you logged in was. Though if you opened those tabs before voting, then it's probably just loading the poll since it's just another page.

I'm sure Taz will be in here soon enough to clarify though

Ammornil is right. Thank you for letting us know! I'll notify Taz, and then I am sure it will be fixed asap. Smile Smilie

Edit: I asked Taz, he had looked into it earlier and it's a bug in we can't get rid of. But it is on his To do-list. 

All you need to do is make it so you have one vote per I.P./User. Doesn't seem that hard IMO.


I don't mean to sound big-headed btw.

Ah, but you see the bug makes it hard. We'll get a poll that works the way it should when Taz gets around to it. (Or when Taz get a Round Tuit as Grondy used to say back in the days. Wiggle Smilie

It's not that it's hard to fix a bug, it's that it's hard to fix a bug I didn't write. You see, the poll is the only part of the website I didn't write myself, so I'm waiting on the author to fix it. If he doesn't, I'll find a new poll or write my own.

Taz has fixed the poll! Pary Smilie


Taz posted 27th jan 2011 in "What I am up to": 

"1) Fixed the poll so it limits the number of votes to one for each unique ip address"

Indeed! In the end I had to rewrite the developer's script myself