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I'd rather not get an e-mail every time someone posts in a thread I've posted in. How can I turn off these notifications?

Welcome to the site, Eldorion! 

It's easy, just go to 'Account' (top right hand corner), then 'Edit Profile', then under your country setting de-tick the box with 'Recieve emails' beside it.

Hope you enjoy our site, and remain here for a long while to come. indecision

Thanks for the welcome and the tip, Fornad!  To a tech/admin person - would deleting my e-mail entirely work or would that deactivate my account?

My e-mail box is not ticked but I'm now getting e-mail too -- and to make sure I tick it... untick it... then 'update'...

... but I still keep getting unwanted e-mails! help?

I'll e-mail Taz and ask. 

Thanks Amarie!

You can't currently turn it off. But to clarify, you don't get an email for every message within a thread you've posted in. You only get an email when someone replies to your post, and not posts following on from that (unless you post again in the thread and someone replies, of course).

Understood about your clarification, thanks... but regarding the first part: do you mean I can't currently turn it off, or everyone can't... in other words, is mine 'broken' and awaiting fixing (somehow), or is this the way it's going to remain for a while for all of Planet Tolkien? Though I should probably not be bothering the Powers with my annoying questions, as they have better things to do.


LOL I'm so ignorant about this stuff, pardon my complex terminology (broken, fixing)  

The turn off email notifications in the account settings only applies to the mailing list PT uses to (once every four hundred and sixty two years) email its members about updates and such forth.

There currently is no way to turn off the forum thread reply emails, but I will add it to my to-do list.

Ah, ok. Thanks again!

There currently is no way to turn off the forum thread reply emails, but I will add it to my to-do list.

A belated thank-you on this point, Taz! Smile Smilie

Every four hundred and sixty two years eh Taz, hmm, I always thought you were a dyed in the wool elf,

And, by the way that was quite an adorable comment. yeslaugh(the cow is not eating, no I read her your post and she is in fact laughing hysterically in Cow.)