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Help!! I can't find the chatroom! Can someone point me in the right direction? Smile Smilie Thanks

I think the chatroom has been disabled temporarily while the transition is in progress.

In the meantime, you can use the chat at the bottom (similiar to Facebook chat) for private chat with anyone who is around.

If you seem me there, say hi. Smile Smilie

Same here!

And yeah I'm sure the chat will be up soon enough. Hopefully with this transition we'll finally have enough people on at once to use it regularly!

Hopefully, Balrogs. The old proverb is "use it or lose it", so if and when it returns, we will have to make sure that the chatroom is as active as it was many years ago. Smile Smilie

You can still access it here, I just need to find room to put it back on the navigation bar. Though as Rednell says, it wasn't really being used.

Book marked the url and sitting in the chatroom. Smile Smilie


Didn't you post here? Or did you delete your post? Do you still want to know how it works?




I did but then I deleted it. Sorry. I was just wondering why the second window appears sometimes (the one with someone's name in it) next to the chat window.

Is it just to let me know that someone, this person, is in the chatroom?

It just appears because someone who is online says something to you. So if you turn your chat offline, it will not come back. You can turn your chat offline by clicking at  ''options'' and than ''offline''.

OK thanks.

And to all those who had said something to me... my apologies. I don't remember ever going 'online' for chat but maybe it was automatic or something.

The chat goes automatically online if you login first time. But if you turn it offline it stays offline. It's okay. Wink Smilie