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I apologize if this has already been posted, but what is your level? How do you get it up? Thanks!

The levels have just been added in preparation for the new interactive website that our webmaster Taz is working on, he's been very vague on the details but by all accounts it going to be an awesome site.

Soooo.......... at the moment every one is at level one and will remain that way until the end of the year or so.

I confess I have wondered often just what that meant, but in truth I was too cowardly to ask in case the sound of hysterical laughter should be heard from all parts of Middle-earth and I blush forever.

So, thanks Rho.

Hahahaha, ye of little knowledge...  Wait, I'm level one too, but eventually all will know...  *sneaks away in fluffy slippers* 

Hooray! I finally found the answer to my question that I put forward a few weeks back about the levels.  Looks like  I'm in good company according to the comments, just about everyone else is on Level 1 and will remain so  until the end of 2011?


Oh! i thought i was on level 1 because im doing rubbish or something of the sort


I too thought I was on level one because I have not the brains to go any higher. Smile Smilie

Loss dear, wear fluffy slippers?

While we wait for whatever this level thing will be in the future, we should all think of it as being Number 1 and awesome, not useless and stupid. Wink Smilie

yep. i agree, should always think positive!

#1 rules!  If you get 2nd place, you're a first place Loser.  Don't get mad at me for saying that ;-) my dad made it up.

Wow, that is a matter of fact saying, if you snoose you lose, almost like that. Or my father always said, or still says:" The second mouse get's the cheese, don't worry about that Nirwen, just tell the truth.

Well, this just about sums me up.