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I just want to know if it's just me, or is anyone else having trouble with the chat system? Anytime I open up a conversation all of the messages are instantly deleted, so I have never seen anything that has ever been sent to me over this system. I just feel bad that I've never got to see or respond to any messages I've ever gotten.

That happens to me too Gimli and also sometimes just opening it up freezes my computer and I cannot think why, it is so wierd. So I often end up messaging the person and telling them about it so they can just message me if they should choose.

Is that the same problem as mine?

When I'm offline and somebody contacts me (somehow it shows sometimes that I'm online after I've logged out) those messages are deleted - I mean I see that there were some messages for me, but when I click on them they disappear and I not able to read them.

yep, happens to everyone unfortunately, but there is always the main chat room......

This has been happening to me as well....

For everybody who tried to talk to me in the chat, please send me a message. The chat always doesn't work for me as well.