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Hi all. I dont know if its just me.... I have received messages from people which are blank and or odd, and Ive tried to send messages but either cannot find the member on the massive unalphabetyical listing. AAAHHHH Taz am I doing sothing wrong? Namarie

I sent you a message the other day but I noticed you've got two accounts, when I didn't receive a reply I just assumed I'd chosen the wrong one.

Hi Rho. Got a blank message from you and wouldn't let me reply. I only have 1 account. V strange but its happens before. Perhaps email me. Couldn't find you on the member list. Brego


If someone is not in the message list you need to add him/her to your buddy-list. If there are more people in the list with the same name, you can add a person and look when he/she was online for the last time. The other, old once will be a long time ago. So than you know which one is the right. Hope it's clear enough.

Hi Arwen, Not all people are on the main message list.

Also its about 100 meteres long and isnt in alphabetical order.....

Ill have another go tho.

What Arwen was saying actually is that, for whatever reason, some people don't show up in the list at all. So to message them you have to go to the "add to buddy list" section and find them in there. Then you'll have the option to PM them directly.

If there's more than one user with that name, there is a "last login" listed, and most likely one will date back 10 years give or take and the other will be more recent.

It's super confusing though I agree.

Cool thanks Rogs!

These bugs have now been fixed.

Well, I was going to do this on the 'website suggestions' thread, but it's GONE ;-)

What happens is, I get a message in my Gmail that says "You have received a message from Amras" and it has a link to my PT inbox.  When I click on the link, it goes to my inbox, then . . . no email is there.  This keeps happening; is there a reason for it?  Well, that's all.  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

I know! I can't even send a bloody message to Nirwen here, and they were considerably long. I just hope it is fixed soon. And also, her messages reach my inbox, but the ones I send her do not.

I think it's because the subject might have been blank?

The subject has been blank sometimes, but usually not. I receive the messages but I can't send them to Nir.