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Hello, Misk2002 , It is nice to have you enter our lovely website. I hope you enjoy your stay. Unfortunatley I am not the one to ask about finding pictures, but there are so many here who may be able to help you.

Ow, thanks for the welcome Big Smile Smilie. I hope someone can help me out Smile Smilie.
Tried out LotR Movie Scrapbook?
thanks Big Smile Smilie.

[Edited on 27/8/2002 by Misk2002]
Welcome, Misk2002, it is great to have you join us. Have fun!
Welcome Misk2002.

If you are looking for non-movie pictures, you can click on Artists under 'Art Gallery' in the menu on your left, then click on the individual picture for more pictures.
Hey Misk2002! Good to meet you Big Smile Smilie There's also a couple of very good pictures in the Fan Art section. Have fun......
Well, Misk2002, I told you that there would be a lot of people that would help you in here. They are all very nice and helpful. Hope to see you around some more. Enjoy PT it really is a lot of fun. Don't forget about the chat and the writers guild if you are talented in that area. I am not but I love reading what the others have written.
Thanks for all welcomes and tips, I really apreciate that Big Smile Smilie.

Yeah, as some may already have noticed my sig, I write stories for another site with a complete different genre. But maybe I will start writing one story here anyway, but I can't promise anything Ha Ha Ha Smilie.
Looking forward to it already Misk! Welcome to PT, by the way... Smoke Smilie
Hmmm, another one that just disappeared after just a few posts. Wonder what happened to Misk2002?