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Hi ya'll i am wanting to close my account but cant for the life of me figure out how! the reasons are personal im sure the webpage manager can delete my account?

They can kick you off if you say some stuff against the Family friendly rule

Ps. why would you want to delete?

Go out with a bang. LOL

Hahaha i just might, i just don't use this page anymore and im trying to cover up my online footprints. i know that its near impossible to, once you do something on the Internet its there for ever

I'm sad to see you wanna leave this wonderful place! You can always start using your account more! Wink Smilie. Anyway, it's true we don't really have a 'delete my account' button. I'll ask Taz (the webmaster) what he can do. But, keep in mind there's a difference between deleting your account and deleting all posts you've ever made. But, as I said I'll ask Taz about it. @Amras, we could ban him, yes. But that only means he isn't allowed to visit this website from the same IP address. Which would be a shame cause then he would never be able to return to this place using the same IP. And a way back to this place should be available for everyone! (except those who really make this place a mess! But, Marco didn't so there's no reason to ban him) [I'll edit the layout (paragraphs, etcetera) as soon as possible. But at the moment I'm not in the mood of writing HTML Wink Smilie ]

Yeah, that's a good point we don't have a delete account feature. Not sure how that would work, as obviously we don't want to remove forum posts, because then threads/conversations wouldn't make sense – I could anonymise your user row in the database, delete the email address etc and lock it?

Sounds like a reasonable solution to me., Taz. Smile Smilie  

I finally have a working computer thanks to my adorable son. It is a MacBook Air, so a bit of a learning curve as I have always worked on Windows based computers. Thankfully, the iPad has made the transition a little easier. Long and short of it is - you should see me around a bit more often. Smile Smilie

Rednell, it's great to see your name back on the Forums again, but why would someone want to leave? Well, it's always good to have the veterans back again!