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I made a new thread, but it has not shown up on the Website General Discussion where I started it. It was super-long, had nothing to do with anything else (I'm sure), and I really don't want to write it all over again. Unfortunately, I forgot to do a title for it. Is that what's wrong?

Yes, unfortunately... I made that mistake with a lengthy journal entry, forgot the title, and my (what I thought) beautiful piece of writing was lost ;(

Grr, now I'll have to write all over again.  But I'm glad to know someone has experienced the same thing (not that I'm glad about your post disappearing, Gror)

Well chaps, i have done the same thing also, with a poem in quenya. It was so heartbraking i never did that lay again. So to Gror@: what a way to lose such good information, must highly be even painful for me to speak about.

Yeah it was a true heart brake hahaha

If it's just because you didn't put a title and assuming it was successfully saved in the database... I might be able to retrieve it. Let me go have a look.

I'm afraid it appears that if you don't provide a title, the post/topic is not stored! Sorry.

You're gone solve that I hope? ;-)

Thanks so much Taz!  I really appreciate that you take the time to figure out these problems we seem to come up with.  I will make sure to put a title on them now!