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Greetings Gilvala, and Welcome!

You might like to try the Taverns ie: The Prancing Pony, The Ivy bush etc, for some general chit chat. Start a thread and introduce yourself Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Gilvala! Big Smile Smilie

Yes, the Taverns are the place to go. Any and all topics, as long as it's kept reasonably clean. You'll find all sorts of subjects there: sports, music, movies, books ...even ants! We don't have an official thread for newbies but your welcome to start one! In fact, it sounds like a really good idea!
I think a newbie thread sounds great. I have only been here about 2-3 weeks and I'm am still learning my way around. Welcome to the fourm. I hope you enjoy yourself. PT is really great.

I started that Newbie thread. It is under Website talk, in the Help section. There is a little bit of info there, not a lot. New members can ask queseions and more experienced members can add to what I have already put there.

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Welcome Gilvala to PT. There is not much I can add to what has already been said. I look forward to reading your posts and I would love to have a chat sometime. You will often find me in the chatroom. Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Gilvala Wink Smilie
Hi and welcome Gilvala! Big Smile Smilie
Hey Gilvala! Look forwards to talking to you, come and say Hi in the chatroom sometime.....
Hey pples! Thanks for the warm welcome.. I'll cya at the taverns!
Hi there Gilvala! *waves* Stroll around and enjoy the fun things. Don't forget the chatroom! Big Smile Smilie
Well where did she go? She has not made any posts since the 8th. I don't like it when new members make a handful of post and then disappear. I miss them. Oh well, maybe she will come back.
I noticed that too. Strange huh? Wonder why they leave us after that short a time. Please tell us you haven't, Gilvala! Cool Smilie
Why is no one ever in chat when I am? Come to think of it, no one's ever really even ON PT when I'm here! I feel sooooooooooooo lonely! (whimpers) It's scary out here all alone! J/K!