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That was me LionHeart, welcome to our forum. Smile Smilie And sad to say, I'm a user rather than a maker, so I can't answer your question. Taz and the Plastic Squirrel are the ones who would know, but probably won't be able to provide you with more info than the name of a book or the URL of an applicable website, if at all, due to time restraints. Juggling Smilie

Meanwhile enjoy this, "The one site to rule them all." I
Hey LionHeart, checkout the thread under; Misc Guilds > The Programmers & Computer Enthusiast Guild

I am currently running a tutorial on there (Although I still have to do the next part) of which I and the other members are slowly building a new part to Vals website each couple of weeks whilst going through each of the stages and discussing them.

Hope it is helpful to you... oh.. and welcome to PT Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to PT forum LionHeart.
I am following Taz's tutorial in hopes that I, too, will be able to build a website.
See you in the guild. Big Smile Smilie
btw, join us in the chatroom sometime. Smoke Smilie
Hello there Lionheart, I would recommend the programmers and enthusiasts guild if you want to learn how to build a site, as long as you have the patience to wait between lessons. If you don't, check out, they have a whole load of hints and tips, and might well have some beginners stuff. If not, get yourself a copy of frontpage express, and do it all the easy way. Enjoy.
Hmmm. I must check out the guild too then. Maybe I'll learn how to make my own site! (that's a big maybe) Orc Grinning Smilie

Hi and welcome, Lionheart, by the way! (did I say this before? maybe, but I lost thread again) :elftongue:
Wow, I did not realize that the Programmers guild had a tutorial for that. I thought it was just for people that knew what they were doing. I will check it out again. Thanks for the info guys, and gals.
Welcome to PT Lionheart. It is a great site, to learn new things everyday, and apparently not just Tolkien related. Taz keeps making so many wonderful improvements every time I log on.