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Thread: E-mail notification problems??

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I have been having some of the same problems Sil. I dont know where the foriegn language ones came from.

If you have ticked this box more than once in the same thread, you will recieve multiple notifications on each subsequent reply, including your own relpys. Best thing to do is to not check that box! Unless, of course, you are really interested in that thread. If you are, only check the box in your first post, so that you only get one notification per thread.

The only way to stop these things altogether is to manually edit each of your posts and un-tick the last box.
Sil, Have you checked your profile to make sure you have your language setting as English?
Allyssa seems to have covered the "Receive email notificaiton of new replies?" box in Post Reply.
I have checked my profile and English is my chosen language. It only happens when I recieve an update from that particular thread.

Thanks for your help. Wink Smilie
Gee! And I thought weird things were happening to me... Good Morning Smilie