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Thread: How do I post a poem in the poem section?

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Hi varda,
Welcome to PT. You should go to the Writer's Guild thread. You can post your poems there. You will find other works by members. Allyssa is the moderator of the Writer's Guild and you will find she has posted all the information you need there.
Enjoy your stay at PT. I look forward to reading your poetry.
Rednell Big Smile Smilie
Or the fan fiction section? Think you have to send them to one of the council members. Not sure though. Help?
Hi again, Varda.
Tommie is correct. To have anything posted in the Fan Writings section, you have to submit your work to one of the council member, preferably, Allyssa. We have a panel of 3 people ( 2 council members and 1 non-council membe) who read the work and decide if it will be posted. You will find this information posted in the Writer's Guild.
The Poems section is reserved for Tolkien's poetry.

Hi Varda, and welcome to Planet Tolkien, our virtual Rivendell. In addition to the suggestions above, there is also a Poets Guild, in the Miscellaneous Guilds thread. If your poems are not really long, you could always open a thread within there and just post them.
Look forward to reading them.