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I am not sure, but I believe that it is Tahoma the size of the font changes depending on where it is used, but for the forum postBodys it is 8.5. If I am wrong Taz or one of the other Council Members can correct me.
I believe the Lady of the Sandy Banks is correct that the font in the PT-New theme, and as displayed while writing a posting, is indeed Tahoma; its capital I with serifs is very distinctive--and very welcome!--among sans-serif fonts.

However, I suspect Lord Faramir meant the interesting font used for the headings in whatever theme he is viewing. (I'm using the old theme, myself, because I can't see black against brown on my old clunker. And that doesn't use Tahoma in posts.)

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You are probably correct Boromir, I believe the font used for the heading in the new PT theme is Arial, but I am not sure. Since I am not using the old theme anymore I am not sure what the headings are for that one.

The Lady of the Sandy Banks.
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