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Welcome to PT, Nillammenwen.

In short, once you have reached 50 posts you can e-mail a 70x70 gif to Taz and he will take it from there.
Big Smile Smilie
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Thanks! Big Smile Smilie
In short, once you have reached 50 posts you can e-mail a 70x70 gif to Taz and he will take it from there

I'm going to do one is that points' mm' cm or doesn't it matter?
is that points' mm' cm or doesn't it matter?

It's pixels Ross.
points then
Can someone please tell me Taz's e-mail, because Val gave me one ( but when I try to send an e-mail it tells me it doesn't exist.
I think it's but I'm not sure.
That might work but even easier, and more obvious, is (the same goes for all the council, councilmember' will get you to any of us, though I believe Melly, is just melly (or mellie?)
Thanks everyone. or

either will get me.

guys i need to correct my signature..., but Taz said once that if i modified anything on my account info, i could lose my avatar..., and i fought very hard to get it so..., as you can see, i am in the middle of a mess....

’can anybody help me to correct my signature without losing my avatar?...., if not, do not worry, i rather have an error in my signature but having my avatar....(it is just than even though it is not a master work, i like it too much)....
Any alterations to your profile will lose you your avatar, Thingol. The only way around it is to have a word with Taz, and ask him to replace your Avatar for you.

As a suggestion, if you are having a new avatar drawn for you by Amarie anyway, I'd wait until you want that one putting up. At least that way you won't be encroaching on Taz's time quite so much.
well, I did not knew that amarie was going to design an avatar for me....even though I feel, flattered... Cyclops Smilie

thnx val...., i think that for the moment Taz has many things to do than correcting my signature....,specially since he has had too much work these days....,so I think I would not like to bother him with another thing to do.....

however, it was worth the trying..., was it not???? Wink Smilie
I did not knew that amarie was going to design an avatar for me....
I didn't know this either! Wink Smilie I'm only making him a drawing, Val. It will be on my webpage as soon as possible. Would have been up today if the digital camera hadn't run out of batteries.. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

gosh!!!...I hate when cameras do that....., do you not? Cyclops Smilie
I'm only making him a drawing, Val.
Sorry Amarie, my mistake. That's the problem when I try to keep hundreds of posts in my head late at night. For some reason I thought it was an avatar you were working on.

At least I got the two right people though, otherwise it would have been really confusing Smile Smilie
That is ok, Val, I thought the same thing, so I was kinda confused also, when they said Amarie was not making an Avatar.

BTW I like Namo's new avatar. That is really pretty
I am also making an avatar for ladyoflegolas so you weren't completely wrong Val. Wink Smilie

Was going to put my elf-drawing for Thingol77 on my site today, but it seems the pic file is damaged.. Oh well. Soon, I promise.

And I love Namos avatar too.. It's lovely. Gives me a good and calm feeling when I look at it. Smile Smilie

[Redigert den 11/3/2003 av Amari’]
Now the drawings are up Thingol77! At the bottom of the page.
Grondy nice avatar, what's it?
It is a Dwarf packing a book through the woods and is from a recently refound box of bookplates from the 70's. I mailed one to Plastic Squirrel he made a GIF from it and Taz installed it.

The artists initials are J.H. and it was made by the Antioch Bookplate Company who are now the Antioch Publishing Company and they make some some nice LotR bookmarks with charms tied to the tassels.

The Dwarf's face looks a tad bit like me; I'm also short, rotund, and wear glasses and a beard. Animated Wink Smilie
Nice Avatar, Grondy. It reminds me of a set of wood prints I once saw at a craft fair. It suits you Smile Smilie
Thanks all. Happy Elf Smilie
Currently you will still lose it, Rinfacwen. I think Taz is writing something into the new PT though which will stop this from happening.
How long should I wait for my avatar? I have emailed Taz with a 70x70 pic last month and again about 3 days ago, but have heard no response.
Taz is awfully busy and has a tendency to misplace things. Paranoid Smilie All you can do is keep trying to get his attention, but to do this you could add a post to Taz's To-Do List at the top of Website General Discussion reminding him to look for it.
Thankyou Grondmaster. I will do that.