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I'm not sure what is wrong, eabisme. The menu is working fine for me at the moment, so I don't think it is a problem this end. I suggest you try one of the other themes (select theme>My account) in case that is the problem.

Failing that, PM Taz and let him know.
I ran into this problem when I chose the 2nd theme option, "planettolkien". My problem was further complicated because the logon box didn't load so I couldn't do anything but view the forum. I had to get Taz to change my theme back to the new PT.
If you are still able to logon, then you should be able to go into "My Account" and change your theme.
Nell-I think that must be what happened to me..but I can't get to my account Sad Smilie The only things that I have access to are the "Quick Links" and the top of the screen (i.e.: Login, Forum, Art Gallery, Chat Room, etc.) Plus, my screen still says "Merry Christmas"...I can't remember if it said that before I logged in or if it's just me...If anyone can get in contact with Taz somehow I would GREATLY aprishiate (WOW-that's definatly NOT how you spell that!) it!!! Smile Smilie
Eabisme: Send a PM to Taz or if you can't even do that, send and email to and explain your problem and ask him if he can fix it for you. Happy Elf Smilie
Didn't get PM however found this thread Smile Smilie It's now fixed.
Is there something wrong with the signature text box? I've changed my signature and pressed save, but all of my new and old posts still say the old signature...

Kai, this has come up in another thread, but I forgot where. There are two sections to change your details. One is called Profile, the other Change your personal info. You have to change your signature on both for it to actually change.
Thanks a bunch Peredhil... I'm sorry, I thought it was a glitch... Dunce Smilie