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I think the PT council should be congratulated bo the "new look" they gave Planet Tolkien, I guess and hope their great effort has already been recognized, but i'm kind of in a hurry to search into each a thread. So... Great job you guys!!!

And a happy new year!!!
Great job! The new location, local news, race, currency, weather, mail, and stuff is a great touch! Thank you.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better!
Angel Smilie I love the new PT. Thank's Taz for putting much of your time into this website.
I second that. This place looks wonderful! Pary Smilie
Yes, well done to all who contributed.
Congrats to everyone who worked on the new look!! It's way more fun and there's more to do. You all did a fantastic job!! Super Wow Smilie Thanks!!

Happy New Year to everyone! Pary Smilie
Hi, congratulation on the new look on the site. It’s so great and I think I’ll never be able to check out all the new things that are here! I mean the old site was great, but this... this is just wonderful! Big Smile Smilie
And by the way Happy New Year from Iceland
Awesome!I love it.
Pary Smilie Just when I thought that this site couldn't get any better, it does. I haven't been in for a while and I definitely love the new look! In Love Smilie
Got to agree... The site's looking great. It's like moving into a new house.... so many new places to explore. Well done Taz Thumbs Up Smilie
Happy belated new year!!!!!!
Moderator Smilie Me thinks the above post is one of those sick raptor ones, according to the Council's Rule No. 4.
4. No single line posts, or single smiley posts. We have noted that posts in the forums are frequently just "one-liners" and far off topic. Seventeen posts in a row with just "ha-ha, that's fun" or just a smiley in them gets really boring to read after a little while. We have a chat room and private messaging is also available so please do not use the forum to ’chat’.
Will it die a long, slow death in accordance with the sentance for sick raptors? A violent termination via deletion? Smoke Smilie
Nah, we'll probably leave it there with Grondy towering over it with the Nine Commandments of Planet-Tolkien, pointing at Randalllin with the Muse Pointer of Doom, declaring that when it comes to posting by the rules then "This shall not pass!!"

A nice warning to others who think they can get away with the same thing. Very Evil Smilie
I am in love with the new site. I just have to make more time to come here.

The Nine Commandments of PT!!! Where do I find these! I would hate to be banished for breaking any of them! I know #4, so I'll be sure to adhere to that one.

Oh yes!!!! Great job indeed!!!! I will be glad to become a supporter as soon as I get a Credit/debit card!!!!! Smile Smilie
The Nine Commandments of PT!!! Where do I find these! I would hate to be banished for breaking any of them!
Click Here to find the List of Website Rules.
Thanks Grondy. I knew I had seen this somewhere, but couldn't remember. (Now that I really think about it, they might be at my home page place when I log in). Anyway, now I am officially up to date on the rules of conduct and such. Thanks a bucch! Big Smile Smilie

Extreme congrats to everyone who worked on the new PT look! I really, really love it! And I am trying to get some of my real-life friends to join! Perfect Summer present to all of us here in the PT community guys! Awesomely Great Job!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie