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This message is just a thought to us members. I think we should back off a little and let Taz do his work. There have been posts; asking questions about the site, pointing out quirks, and needless head scratching. Those questions and problems are answered daily by Taz's undates.

I guess what I am saying is that, unless its a bug that needs reporting, we should just let Taz do his work. He's not going to forget anything or anyone.
Also look under Help under Your Account. I have been trying to add your questions and their answers to the Help documents. You may have to hunt a little to find the proper key word, if it has to do with the Message Board, you should probably look under M first.

So if you would look at Help first, you may find your question has already been answered; this will reduce the load on Taz.
Good idea lads. Taz is busy enough and he doesn't need ta be hassled with questions already answered
Hee hee, needless to say, I asked two really stupid questions already... Angel Smilie
Smile SmilieYah,lol,so have I. Sadly,I don't usually realize how stupid my questions can be till too late.
Wait, I thought Taz was a computer program created for the sole purpose of serving us!!

Just Kidding,
Take your time buddy, we aren't trying to perssure you, we just forget you are a human being sometimes.