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I read the following line in a journal entry today...

It was fun playing mesage tag with *****, but if nobody's here, I end up playing with myself, and I take over.

I must have opened a dozen threads today in which the majority of the new posts appeared to be just pointless chatter. It may be fun chasing each other around, but the forums aren't really meant for that sort of behaviour. Please remember that others who come after you have no way of knowing what posts will be at the bottom of a thread until they have opened it. It can be really annoying to spend time waiting for such a page to download, only to find it contains nothing of worth. This is particularly so for those of us with slower connections.

While it may be fun for you, it's not very considerate for other members (like having people chasing each other around a library). If you want an immediate response, try using the chatroom or Private Messages.
Couldn't agree more Val!

Also: If it is not worth taking the time to locate the correct thread to post it in, then it is not worth posting at all. Rora rum!!

I have no Grondy to nag now that he is away ( Sad Smilie ) so I have a lot of nagging in store for who ever I feel needs it. So bevare! Paranoid Smilie Moahahahaa!!
I have noticed that a lot lately -- and it's getting very annoying being it often takes more then 5 minutes to load a page. Sad Smilie
Thanks Val for bringing it to attention. Smile Smilie