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May I ask where they went? I remember parousing through them awhile back to later buy volumes which contained them, but I was looking for them to quote a portion for some other folks I know.
They were removed some time ago for copywrite reasons.
Oh, well, thanks for the brief time you had them. I enjoyed them then.
What were the poems?
What were the poems?

We used to have a section containing poetry taken from Tolkien's various books. To try to get around copywrite laws we always missed off the last verse and credited the poem with where it came from. Unfortunately, we still found ourselves in breach of the law and had no option but to remove them totally. The map section disappeared for the same reason, which is unfortunate because they were really useful.
Some of the poems from the Red Book can be found in the collection published as "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil", currently available in the set "Tales from the Perilous Realm". Of course many of Tolkien's poems are from "The Lord of the Rings" (one I think in "The Silmarillion"), and can be found by using the index to that work. I saw in a bookshop the other day a volume of Tolkien's poems, and only of Tolkien's poems, but unfortunately I forget what it was called.
I hope this is helpful.