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I was just looking at the Trivia thread and this came to my mind. Some of these very 'busy' threads have *many* pages. A day may come when only these page numbers at the top (and perhaps the ones at the bottom too) might be enough to fill peoples' screens. That would be very annoying.... clicking on a thread and having to scroll down to see even the topmost of the posts! Has anyone, most importantly Taz, given any thought to this or am I just letting my tongue (fingers perhaps?) loose for no reason at all?
You know what they say Floydy about "why should we care since its not gonna happen in our lifetime?" At this rate, I think that's the case. And if this does happen, we can go on a post deleting spree deleting off unnecessary posts in that thread (I'm sure more than half of the pages will be cleared) and then it will be as new as a teenager! Ain't I smart? Smoke Smilie
Here is an idea. I think they should find a new way to dispay the older pages of the threads.

Instead of putting all the pages on the top and bottom. May be they should just put it on the top or bottom. I think bottom would be best because you don't have to scroll down to reach the content. Also another wish would be for it to automatically take you to the last page of the thread when you click on it.

Also they could eliminate some of the numbers not by deleting posts but by having the pages go from 1-10, 11-20, 21-30...then when you near the end of the thread you could have it like this... 91-100,101,102,103. When you click on the link 11-20 it could take you to page 11 and the numbers at the top would read 1-10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21-30...It would create an extra click but it would make it look cleaner. This might create problems for people with slow computers and with dial up, but it would eliminate their having to scroll down really far which is also bad on slow computers and with dial up.

Did any one understand that?

Just a thought.
Here's a better idea : everyone post in Tolkien related threads.
What is threats?
What is threats?
Threats are promises to do something negative to someone or thing; however, I think the word is merely the misspelling of "threads", which are individual topics found in forums. Happy Elf Smilie