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Does anyone know where I can get copies of Middle Earth maps created by an artist called Pauline Baynes? The two maps I am after are called "There and Back Again" and "A Map of Middle Earth". The "A Map of Middle Earth" one came out in two versions, I am after the one that has a picture of the Fellowship at the top and Black Riders, Orcs etc at the bottom. I appreciate they are very rare but any help would be hugely appreciated.
Try a google search?...
Thanks. Sorry I should have said earlier that I've been bashing my way around the Internet for a few days with no success - unless anyone can recommend a site.
I have one of the Pauline Baynes map of Middle Earth posters in my possesion (the one with the fellowship at the top & dark riders etc at the bottom). Its framed and apart from the slight fold marks caused by the book it's in mint conditon. I've been trying to find out hpw much it's worth. Would you know where I could find out? As I have been thinking about parting with it.
Wow, that's fortuitous.... Two newbies meeting and solving each others problem. Eru certainly works in mysterious ways Smile Smilie
Yes most fortunate, but I dont how much Mithril Paddy's going to pay me yet. Big Smile Smilie
Yes most fortunate, but I dont how much Mithril Paddy's going to pay me yet.

And as Paddy mac hasn't been around since last January or left even left you an email address, I doubt if you will ever find out. Sorry. Orc Sad Smilie
Hmmm, me thinks your right. Anyone got any other ideas where i can find out how much it's worth?
You mighty search eBay and its ilk is all I can suggest.

I think I may also have that map, but I hid it from myself and am no longer sure where to find it, so I don't know about the cover. It may be hidden behind my bed midst a bunch of Realms of Fantasy magazines.
Hello Farmer Giles -

I know that this thread is a little stale, but am hoping that you still haunt the PT site. I know of someone who is looking for a copy of the poster that you noted above. (At least I think that that is what they are looking for.) In any case, if you still have it in your possession and are still thinking of selling it, I would be happy to have her contact you. Thanks!

All - If anyone knows of a way to find one, please post a reply. Thanks!