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Hi there.

I’m working on a new Entertainment show for Channel 4 called Entertainment 4. We’re hoping to visit Sarehole Mill in Birmingham this Friday, and are keen to be joined by a Tolkein enthusiast to talk us through the sights.

Is there anyone reading this who is based near Birmingham who might be happy to help ’ and appear on TV.

It’s pretty short notice, I realise, but if you’re keen to help that would be great. Hope to hear from you...

Anthony Carr

Researcher, Entertainment 4, Objective Productions

Tel. 0208 6002648
By the way, this isn't our Anthony (Ant).

This was an email request sent to the Council and no other information is available.

The email for Anthony Carr is
I'm really liking Tolkein..
Yes, and you also know how to spell the professor's er ... mena, mean, mane, maen, mnae, mnea, eman, emna, enam, enma, eamn, eanm, anem, anme, aemn, aenm, amen, amne, nmea, nmae, nema, neam, naem, er ... name.
ha ahahah ahaha

this is the costume thing right?
Wrong, look at the dates; then forget about it unless you can catch the rerun. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie